Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Last Birthday Party for the Last Child

My daughter kept hinting for two weeks, "What should we do for my party mom?" What do you want to do? I would say. It became pretty clear to me she wanted a big 18th birthday party bash. I have only myself to blame, because from day one with all three of my kids I have always made their birthdays a big deal. Jenna is our youngest and the last child left at home. So I decided to make one last big splash and give her a party to remember. "And by the way mom, it has to be different and not like anyone else’s." The pressure was on, and I had only one week to pull it off. Somehow, I came up with a combination of several themes, Survivor/Progressive Dinner/Scavenger Hunt. We called it The Destination Dinner Party.

So here was the jest of it. We all met at the mall, divided the kids into three teams. Each team was assigned a photographer. For their first clue they had to take pictures of their team, Dancing the Waltz with Strangers, or a group photo with a Victoria Secret mannequin. Then they got the clue to the first part of the meal at my older daughter's house. Salad and Brochette with Barbie and Ken Their next photo op was To Kiss The Pooch. From there they went to a gazebo overlooking our city and learned a self defense move from my husband. After that photo op they got a map to our house where we served spaghetti and meatballs. They had to take pic's of Sharing a Noodle or Meatball. Then it was on to Double for Dessert. They had to play tennis and take some pic's of them serving or hitting the ball. The last stop was at our church for dessert. We showed each teams pictures and they were judged for creativity and fun. Team 3 won. We actually wore the kids out and they had no energy left to dance.

The party was a big hit. Thought I would share some of the photos. They had a really good time and took some amazing shots. Sunday morning my husband saw this comic in the newspaper, and we thought it hit the nail right on the head. hee hee he

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3


Tracey said...

What a complete blast!!! And the pictures turned out great. Looks like everyone had fun =)

LL said...

that is so hilarious I can't stop smiling!!!! omg I love you! you're the rockinest mom on the planet!!

Jess <> said...

We're online!

Cindy, you did a fabulous job, my friend.


Love you,

- Jess <><

Nadine said...

You just the coolest mom...what a great idea and the kids looked like they are having such fun. Some of those pictures just made me laugh. I love the cartoon by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical....love the pictures!
Great blog!

~Crystal~ said...

How fun! We used to do stuff like that when I was in the youth group. Always great memories. What a super Mom you are!

Jenna said...

Alright let me just start off with...It was AN AMAZING Party!!! But i didnt care if it was a big deal..but i'm glad it was...soo much fun!!

Elle*Bee said...

What fun! I love the photos. All of them are so creative. I esp. liked Team 3's pasta photo!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. I'll be sure to re-visit yours.

yours truly B said...

great Idea I love the pictures how cool is it and they make great memories.

MARIA said...


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