Monday, April 30, 2007

A place of amazing comfort and rest

This is the forest road I use to take strolls down every week in my childhood. A place I would like more often to go, a place from a long time ago, a place of amazing comfort and rest. I really had a forest in my backyard as a child in New England. These pictures were taken about 6 years ago when we went back for a visit to my home town.
My childhood home

In Stoughton, Massachussetts

I really do relate to green. Maybe that is why I love to garden and try to plant as many green things as possible in my Eastern WA desert garden. My husband on the other hand is completely out of his comfort zone in a forested landscape. He is a native Eastern WA. When he gets around trees he feels all claustrophobic. I just feel such a great sense of peace and rest covered in green.

Where do you feel the most comforted and restful?


Brin said...

Wow... I feel rested just looking at these beautiful pictures!

Hi, I'm Brin. I wanted to drop in and introduce myself and say thanks for stopping by my blog this past week. I loved your comment and appreciate the time you took to say hello.

Your garden (and your daughters!) are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I hope you and yours ... including that grandbaby... enjoy it for many, many days to come.

Enjoy your day,

~Crystal~ said...

I would have to agree with you. I now live next door to the house I lived in since I was 9. After living in LA for a few years, being back here fills my heart with such joy. People pay good $ to visit what I see everyday.

The Creative Nut : ) said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing like strolling down memory lane sis....we had such a great time during that trip back home...looking at our old house brought back so many great memories and...even the one when you wrote "the boogy man was here" on my stomach with Mom's lipstick while I was sound asleep in our upstairs bedroom.HA! :~ Chris

yours truly B said...

I go into my imagination where a world appears and the flowers are perfect and the sun is shining and the water flowing gentally over the falls and I see myself basking in the beauty of it all and then I wake up to the reality and wish to be back there even for just a brief moment.

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