Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Christina Marie

I have the most amazing sister in the world. Today is her birthday. She is three years my junior. She is my only sibling, and therefore most treasured and beloved. One of the most amazing things about us is that we were not always the best of friends growing up, and that is putting it mildly. When we grew up and healing and God flowed through our lives, the bond that grew has been indescribable. I think loosing my mom at 33 and 30 for her, has also increased our dependency on each other. We have always lived our married lives in separate states. But distance plays no role in diminishing our connection with each other. I was recently reading Brins blog about her sister that evoked such sentiment from me. I thought it fitting to pay tribute to my sister today on her birthday. When my sister and I do get to visit ALL OTHER LIFE STOPS around us, and the focus becomes intense and deep. We both prepare for each others visits like no other. My family always jokes about the deep level of cleaning I go into when Aunt Chris comes. The best part is all the finishing touches. There must be special meals, wonderful flowers, we share our favorite music, (like this Christmas it was Il Divo). We have many a cup of tea, with special treats and all the trimmings, the best tea pots, the best teacups. The bedroom gets five star hotel attentions. Nothing is too good for my sister. We never stop visiting from the time she gets here to the moment she leaves with tears, and laughter, and much joy and camaraderie. No other woman can, and ever will touch my heart as deep as she does. We share our passions, and hobbies, Knitting mania our heritage and past, but most of all our love for God. We inspire and encourage, lift up and support each other through all life’s journeys. Maybe our distance makes us cling a little harder, share a little deeper, and treasure each moment of life together more fully.
Happy Birthday Christina Marie!

I am so excited for you to be stepping into this fresh new part of your destiny and dreams, for new beginnings, and promises being fulfilled this year. I believe as you step your foot on Montana soil, all God’s promises, all God’s purposes, all God’s blessings will start to manifest as you step out in this new path and adventure in Him! The very step of your foot to start this journey will be releasing and carrying with it, all , all , all that God has placed in your heart for a future and purpose that only He the Master Gardener has designed for you and your husband to fulfill, in a special place, and at a specific time.
Your forever loving sister,


~Crystal~ said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet tribute.

Nadine said...

How lovely - at first I thought you posted a picture of yourself. You can see that beauty runs in the family. I hope your sis had a great Birthday.

cng73 said...

This is just the way my sister and I are becoming. She is 3-1/2 years my senior, and although we live far apart, we are closer than ever before due to a number of events in our lives. We are seeing that we never truly knew each other growing up and getting to know each other now. Thank you for sharing this birthday tribute to your sister in your blog. :) Makes me wish I'd thought to do that for my Sis on her birthday.

Anonymous said...

ok, I am commenting. Your sister looks a lot like you, but at first glance, I thought you had a picture of Elizabeth Taylor up there. Oh well, I hope that is not offensive. Sisters are special aren't they? I clicked onto the link and saw her amazing purses too. Love those! How long can I go on, I went back through lots of your posts. I love all your pictures! Your daughters are both so beautiful. I didn't realize it until I looked at the picture of the two of them on here, that J looks so much like Chuck and M looks more like you. Never noticed it before. Love Helen

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU MY SWEET AMAZING SISTER!!! Okay, I've stopped crying for a second... so I can say I love you more than I could ever express. The "Kindred Spirit" between us grows deeper and stronger every year...such a wonderful birthday present I will cherish for ever, the best ever too! I am so blessed by the Lord to have you not only as my one and only sister, but as a mentor and my most trust worthy we continue to walk through all our seasons together arm in arm through our sad times and our most joyful times I am most looking forward to the day when we will live right next to each other in our little old houses, gardening together, and sipping tea and eating cookies just like we have always talked about. :) Oh and how could I forget our forever dream of traveling together to Italy to search out our Italian roots. Oh what a day that will be!
Much love....sister Christina

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