Friday, July 13, 2007

Come be the Fire inside of me!

The Call

On 7/7/2007 and estimated 55,000 young people gathered to fast and pray for our nation. This is Misty Edwards, leading the group in worship/prayer. Tonight two of those young people that went from our town, shared with me the impact and the revelation of God's heart that they experienced in calling our Nation back to God.

(watch for three gals as the crowd is scanned almost half way through, the green shirt is Rochell, red shirt Jen, and the blue shirt is Ashley)

This is a bit long, but if you have the time worth it!


Diane said...

Just wanted to visit your blog after reading your email. Thanks for taking the time to contact me personally. I have sent a reply email in return.

You have set a fire in my soul this morning! Your words of encouragement and shared story are evidence....a revelation if you will.....that God is walking through this with us.

Thanks for the blessing!


Chris said...

Thanks Cindy for posting this, I really enjoyed seeing where "WarCry" was in Nashville, Tim said it was life changing.
Love ya and see you soon!

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