Friday, July 6, 2007


We have been making some progress around here. This is the view from the back porch this spring.
This is the view this summer, as I write.
This is the cutest thing. One of the builders in the neighborhood was very gracious to build us a shed for our little garden. He built it on the second story of a house he was framing. Then he moved it down the street with his lift thingy and plunked it down in our backyard.

This is the semi finished shed. We still need to paint it, and put up shutters and window boxes.

I have really appreciated hearing from many of you, even though I have not been blogging much these days. I feel like summer may just be around the corner for me though, and I can have time to check out my blog buddies. We have had lots of life going on. Just keeping up at times has been a bit much. We spent a lovely 4th with my sister and family here. Grilled lamb for the 4th and salmon last night. There was a lot of visiting, laughter and fun. We had a crowd, but not as big as usual, and that was nice.

I am craving summertime. You know when everything slows down, and life can be slower paced. Hot sun, cool water, iced tea, barbequed meals, visits on the porch, quiet mornings, fires, toasted marshmallows, stars, and my favorite, the beach. I just spent the morning finding a really quaint B&B on Cannon Beach for my hubby and I this August. Which I am looking so forward too!

So what is summertime to you?


Nadine said...

Cindy - it looks really nice. I like the new shed. I know you and Dan will have a great time at the beach.

Alida said...

Hey girl, love the pics of the garden & the shed. Is it painted yet & do you have the windows on. Great to see you all this weekend - I'll have to show you the 'deer' roses!!!!

~Crystal~ said...

Love the little shed.

Summertime to me...Well, being born & raised in the Deep South, Summer is NOT a favorite season for me. It's means Hot, humid, sweat & mosquitoes. Hahaha
Bring on the Fall weather...PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

summer to me is hot weather, love it, and lots of sunny days, love them, and flowers, and iced tea, and Margaritas, and reading books, and all that good stuff, and of course not wanting it to end....and I did notice in the "spring" picture the huge China pheasant rooster under the bench, nobody else saw it??

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