Friday, May 23, 2008

The Master Gardener

It is so interesting to me, that I can feel all out of sorts, kind of cranky or antsy. Then I start spending uninterrupted time in the garden, and the scent of the soil, the sun, the rain, the birds, my cat Bella hanging out with me, all has it effects on beginning to unwind so much of what seems to have tied me up. I know that time began in a garden and for me getting to reconnect with my garden helps me to reconnect with myself and with my God. So yes I have had a good week in my garden. I have planted all my new roses. Just figuring out where to put them was a bit of an ordeal. And no Strider, Desert Reiver had no sod to remove....I still have plenty of room in my beds, yeah! There is always so much to think about. It has the feel of painting a picture or pulling together a really good meal, or what I would imagine it would take to write a song. I have not one drop of any musical ability in my entire being, besides being able to listen and enjoy, so I would’t really know, just what I could imagine. All the elements need to blend together, complement, pop a little here, support each there, and timing is so important with growing things, there must be timing! All resulting in and culminating in a place that quiets your soul, stirs your heart, and maybe even reminds you of a little bit of heaven on earth.

I so love both the process and the results. Now my garden I would say has passed from infant hood into a twerp of a toddler. It is time to start getting more serious with what I am doing. I need more patience’s and planning, more combining of the elements, the orchestration and sequencing of the blossoms. It will be awhile before this garden hits its stride. But I have good bones getting established a solid foundation. I now need to start refining the planting design. It will take time, but all good things take time. So I wait and watch, rearrange here and there, prune a little, feed consistently, add some new things, and sometimes remove old plants that have served there purpose. You just can't help but see the all metaphors in this process of gardening. Those very same processes, that our Master Gardener can use to help us reach our full potential and our final destiny in Him.

So come take a quick peek if you can stand looking at anymore flowers :]

Bird bath sighting on far right Ladyslipper

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone, and be safe those of you that are traveling.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Darlin' if that garden is a "twerp of a toddler," my garden is a fetus! ;> Thanks so much for sharing your photos...the irises are lovely and against that backdrop of field just prove what you have done so quickly. Glad that time in the garden restores you!

Judy said...

I'm with you on the whole gardening thing! Our garden is now in it's third season...there's always more to add. But how fun to watch it all come together! I agonized over where to put what...but hubby never thinks it's a big deal. Plants can be moved or pulled his theory.

Your irises are beautiful!

Belated Happy birthday...and have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Knitting Mania said...

Your flower are so pretty this Spring. Wow, everything looks so established to me, but what do I know, I knit!!!

Have a great 'Memorial Day' on Monday!!

Strider said...

Looking good Woman who is! I had Nick and the Coleman boys over today to help me lay sod in the front and around the sides of the house. Man, the green is beautiful! Only 20,000 more sq. Ft of grass left to go. I think I'll seed that however. Ann wants to get started planting when she gets back on Tuesday. Glad to see Dan didn't have to move any sod! I should have had him over to lay sod today....that way he could keep in practice!

Jen(n) said...

wow those flowers are really beautiful. It's like you have this lovely oasis out in the middle of the desert.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Tee hee! I see the birdbath! Marvelous!

Your garden is so BIG. I can't get over how much land you have around your place. What a vista.

Your post today is one of wisdom. The garden is the place to go, when feeling antsy or cranky...especially if the garden looks like yours.

YES, we can stand plenty more pics of the garden and of flowers....throw as many as you want at us, they are a balm to the soul.

A Woman Who is: said...

Thanks all for you nice comments.

Ladyslipper: that is not our land surrounding the flower beds. Our fairly tiny lot ends just right at the edge of the flower borders. It is so nice to take advantage of the borrowed view though. What surrounds our property in the back is a wetland/desert preserve. Some of the property is owned and could be developed. Many people and environmental groups in our community are trying to keep it preserved. There are natural springs running through this land that have salmon spawning in it that feeds back into the Columbia River. That is one of the reasons to protect this land; the other is that it holds some of the last old growth steppe desert left in this part of town. This is where our friend Strider and many others spend a lot of time hiking around and enjoying the natural beauty. They have so far purchased and preserved about 60 acres. Of course it will be wonderful if nothing gets developed around us, and I can continue with my oasis in the desert feel we have going here.

nanatrish said...

Wow..what a spectacular view! I wouldn't get anything done. I'd sit and look at all that beauty all day. I love the brilliant colors and wish I could get out in the garden more. Allergies. Ugh. You have a gift and what a window into God's creation.Awesome.

Barbara said...

Your garden is coming along beautifully. You have achieved so much in such a short time. It looks just like and oasis in the dessert.

The Davenport looks very nice.
The sleepy animals are the wallabies - they originate from Australia.

Sara said...

Have you read Lucy Shaw's Water My Soul? I think you'd really enjoy it as it carries the "our souls as God's gardens" metaphor you touch on here.

Your garden is very lovely, and how great to have that wide open view too.

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