Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cotswolds Part II

Above and below is the journal that I took along on our trip to celebrate our 25th Wedding
Anniversary....I wrote down my thoughts every night and sketched some of my favorite spots right in the journal... We will be visiting this charming little spot today in the village of Bibury.
So let's get out of the B&B (See Part I) and take a look at some of the country side.
I just couldn't believe my eyes as we traveled through this charming countryside. It all seemed like a little storybook. This picture above is one of my favorite shots. I have used it to teach a little water color with my art students.

Here we are driving through the tiniest village called Lower Slaughter, and I am just taking pictures of people's yards...
Than we drove up the hill and came to Upper Slaughter and here we found this telephone booth in the middle of seemingly no we made a call to the States to talk to our kids...

How do they make every building so darn cute! It almost seemed fake but people live here.

One morning we headed out to see Barnsley. A garden owned by a famous garden designer, Rosemary Verey who has written many books on her work. I had the privilege of hearing her lecture at the Seattle Garden Show. I also have one of her books. So I was very excited to see her garden. On the way there, we started to drive by this village. I just called out to my husband STOP, pull over! I mean I felt silly just stopping in the middle of the road, but I couldn't pass this by. I am getting out of the car, boldly snapping away all these pictures.

Pretty soon, other cars are pulling over and the place is filling up with tourists. This is just somebodies front yard! I couldn't believe how cute!
So here is the picture of the sketch I drew. I was so charmed by these crofters cottages. This is what was across the street.

First we had to cross over this tiny bridge, with some lovely swans.

On the other side there was a plaque telling about this village.
This is what we saw as we took a closer look up the hill.

Here is my hubby showing just how tiny this village street was....they call them single carriage roads. I must tell you this was one part of England that did freak me out...but that is another story for another day.

Hope you were all as charmed as I was by this trip around the Cotswold's. I have more installments to come for those of you that love gardens...Barnsley next...


DeeDee said...

Oh my goodness...this would be my dream is where I want to live :) I have never seen a more beautiful place in my life...It seems like a place, where every young woman of my generation, dreamed of living...We saw pictures like this in our story books....Thank you so much for sharing...I will come back now and then to just sit and take it all in very slowly....

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Totally quaint, charming, and picturesque. It must have taken great restraint not to take a shot of every single thing.

I love these virtual vacations that I take in Blogdom...the price is so right!

CIELO said...

Beautiful! Have a Happy Mother's Day....



The Texican said...

I'd like to visit the British Isles. Thanks for the photo trip. I stop by from time to time, but I'm sometimes to lazy to leave a comment.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I am in awe! If I didn't know, I would think this was a movie can any town in today's modern era so perfect, so picturesqe, so "time-stood-still"??

I very badly want to go there now, and do just as you did...wander around and stop on a dime and feast my eyes on this storybook place.

Your journal/sketchbook is a treasure; I didn't realize you could draw so well. Your grand children and great grandchildren will treasure it....what an heirloom keepsake to pass down to them.

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