Sunday, June 1, 2008


I was at a wedding this weekend, and snapped a very quick photo of some of the Interns that I had the privilege of teaching this year. Just look at those happy faces! I can't even explain to you how much it blesses my soul to be able to pour into these young people. I have been so blessed to spend two and half hours a week with these kids all year. Half of that time we spent in prayer and intercession. The second half of our time together I taught them a Portland Bible College class on the Holy Spirit. The amazing thing about all this is that I feel like I am the one getting the most out of this time. Especially by the end of the year when you begin to see so much growth and change in their lives, that the whole effort and time expended is so very, very worth it. I am just one little part of their whole week. But what a privilege it is to sow the seeds of prayer and a passion for knowing the Holy Spirit in an intimate way into their lives. I feel this is one of the most valuable things I do all year. I have been blogging a lot about my garden this past week or two, and reflecting on the parallels between the kingdom of God and gardening. This is some of the soil that I feel so blessed to till, plant, water, and yes even sometimes weed.

I found out this last day or two, that part of their commitment to this one year program involved not using the internet. These kids have set aside a whole year of their lives to just plain hear from God and let Him pour into their hearts through this season. As their commitment ended two days ago, I have had massive requests from them on myspace now that they are all back on line. It was too funny!

As I speak now, one of the gals is in New York City with an evangelism program focused on reaching this city for God. Another young lady left last week for 3 months of serving with Heidi Baker in Africa ministering to needy children. She is also planning to follow that up with a short term mission trip to China. The gal on the right with the black v-neck dress was one of my first Interns three years ago. She is on her way this summer to spend her time at a program called IHOP International House of Prayer, where 24/7 young people are praying and interceding on behalf of our nation and our world. Almost half of the students will be coming back next year to do a second term. That says so much to me about the program director this year who gave so much of her life to these young people, and how successful it was for all of them. Their days are spent taking classes, working for the church, the community, learning how to pray, preach, lead, and serve, serve, serve in many capacities. Lots of discipline skills are also taught.

If some of you interns make it over to my blog...know how very much I love you all, and as you can see how very proud I am to have been a part of your lives this year.

P.S. Next week is graduation, and I will try to post a group picture of the whole gang!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Such a joy-filled post! The interns are going to go hog wild on the WWW now that they are back at it. Nah! They'll have learned that hearing God's voice is far more exciting than the internet could ever be.

My children gave up television for a year once upon a time. Neither is a tv addict to this day.

Thanks so much for the word from your pastor. So true about so many things. My friend and I are reading this one together...two chapters a read by him and one read by me. It's hitting lots of buttons for him and he's finding it a challenge to be able to read by times. I will share what you said with him.

Have a great weekend!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Very impressive, that these young people are seeking after God, and devoting time and effort to His Word and His service.

It makes me wonder....I sort of can't help but contrast the hard work, selflessness and the sacrifice of these young ladies, with what goes on with the empty, shallow, and often disgraceful behaviour of the "young Hollywood" set.

And yet, the press and magazines devote pages and covers to their foolish antics, which is not worth the paper its printed on, in my opinon. The worthier efforts and past times of youth today should be written about, that would make for a much better world, and a much better example for impressionistic youth.

I applaud you for all that you've done, to teach and to guide these young ladies. You deserve much congratulations too on graduation day.

Sara said...

What a beautiful group of young women, and how wonderful it is to see God working so directly in their lives, whose hearts are so open to Him. A very full-of-hope post. Thank you for sharing.

Strider said...

I was thinking of the song by Ray Bolts...I dreamed I went to heaven...Thankyou for giving to the Lord...I am a life that was saved.....YOu'll have a part in all that is accomplished through them by the Master.

Alice said...

Oh, how wonderful! I'm sure these girls will always hold in their hearts the lessons they've learned from you.

Sandy said...

Wow, those girls have been lucky (blessed) to have had YOU!

Dee Dee said...

What a blessing God has given you...the gift of teaching and nurturing young minds to really know the Lord....then, to watch them go out into the world with the full armor of God... spreading the Word to others. In this day and time, what I would give to turn to the nightly news and you be on telling all that is going on that is good and hope to all that might see and hear...God has greatly blessed us all..A lovely post indeed :)

Barbara said...

How wonderful for you to have been able tohave such input into the lives of these youngsters. You are truly blessed.

Our church has had much contact with the folks from IHOP over the years as they have been over here to minister.

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