Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day


Make mine pink said...

Tell Dan Happy Father's Day from me! I hope he had a nice day!

I like your music, girl!!! Also - I wanted to let you know that my car story is now on my blog!

Your sis tagged me and so I'll be responding to those questions too!!! Maybe tomorrow I can get to that!!! Today's been busy!!

Thanks for the great evening last night!!!

Strider said...

Tell Dan it's about time to post on his blog. I know it's only been 7 weeks, but he has been tagged by knitting mania.

Alice said...

A hippie! I'd never have guessed. :) I love the two latest pictures of Puddin Toes, the ones with the lace headband. She looks so concerned in one and so pensive in the other. She notices everything and takes it in. I believe she's going to grow up to a great help to people in some way.

CIELO said...

Good morning, Cindy... hope you are getting that lovely garden of your ready for our "Show Me Your Garden Party", on June 21st... :)

Thank you for thinking of me to play that tag game... I have to say thou that I'm not too fond of memes, and may not play... :( sorry! I've been tagged to play the same game three times already, and I just can't seem to open up on this one. Hope to see you at the party!



CIELO said...

Hi Cindy.... haven't seen your garden pic yet.... Just reminding you! Love to have your garden added to our links... :)



Sara said...

I love the beautiful peek into what's blooming via your header. Gorgeous colors and such sharp, clear photography.

A Woman Who is: said...

Thank you Sara. That means a lot coming from you. I have no knowledge of photography, just lucky to point and shoot. But I do enjoy the composing part of a photo.

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