Monday, February 23, 2009

Today is the Day!

Some of you may have caught that my husband was facing hip replacement surgery this spring in a previous post. Well today is the day. After a lot of prayer and research, we believe God has led us to the right doctor and with the surgery for the job. Dan will be having a minimal invasive procedure done, where the muscle tissue is not cut. They say in four to six weeks he will be a new man. Since early last fall he has been dealing with a lot of pain. We think it has been an accumulation of his love for extreme sports ie skydiving and such that has dealt a lot of extra trauma to his joints. Like father like son in my case. It has been quite the challenge being the wife and mother to these two men. But it is who they are...adrenalin junkies.

So prayers are welcome as we go through the surgery for the skill of the doctors and for Dan's body to respond well to the whole procedure. And for a speedy and quick recovery. It is going to be interesting to have him home for six weeks. Kind of like a pre- trial retirement


JT said...


pre-trial retirement scenario... :)

Nadine said...

You both are in my prayers today. I pray for complete healing and a quick recovery.

Vee said...

Saying a prayer even now for your beloved.

It's incredible to me how far this surgery has come through the years. I remember so well what a godsend it was years ago for a family member in great need of pain relief. I'll be watching to see how quickly Dan is back up and at'em. In no time, I'm sure. And, except for the surgery, the pain relief should be immediate.

Will he still be doing the extreme sports thing?

Take care...both of you!

Knitting Mania said...

Hey sis...good to hear it went extreemly well this morning. Our prayers are with him and all of you.

We'll be in touch!


Von said...

We're praying, Cindy, that the doctors will skillfully perform the surgery and that Dan will fully recover quickly. Hugs!

a woman who is said...

Vee: He plans on buying a motercycle...I guess that is a little tamer than a HALO jump =/

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

My prayers are with you...both! Hopefully all goes well...and he'll be up and around before you know it.

Strider said...

Glad to hear all went well.

Sara said...

Judging by Strider's comment, I trust that all went well and Dan is only dreaming of jumping out of bed and heading for the highest mountain instead of really doing it!

Prayers and blessings to you both.

I actually stopped by to let you know I mentioned my give away gift on today's post. Thanks again!


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