Sunday, February 15, 2009

What is blooming on your window sill?

Well I have finally taken all the "winter decorations" down. Now I am left with a bit of bleakness till spring. What I resort to this time of the year is to find anything that is alive and fresh with new growth . Even the smallest of bloom can make my day. Just last week I was in hyacinth heaven. Did you know that you can stick these bulbs in a little water and they will bloom for you?

This works great for those bulbs that I didn't get to planting in the fall. I planted my tulips finally in January...luckily I could stick some of them in the outdoor pots that are over wintering in the garage, as well as some choice indoor planters.

Today at the grocery store I just couldn't resist a few fresh stems of lilies on sale the day after Valentines Day. The scent of lilies and hyacinths are particularly welcome this time of the year in doors. mmmmm

And here is one more part of finishing up some decorating issues. I finally decided on two of these chairs from Pier One. Not because they were the most practical...I am just a sucker for cream and white.

It seems like I am starting a series here...sooo...What is blooming on your window sill??? It can be anywhere in your house really. Let me know and I will post the links here if you have something you want to share. I already have a few in mind...

Check out Barbara's orchids blooming for her...I am extremely jealous of her indoor green thumb here in the orchid department.

Looks like Judy has some lovely blooms...check out her background


Vee said...

Not a thing is blooming on my windowsill, but I do wish that there were.

Yes, I saw those orchids at Barbara's. Hadn't noticed Judy's tulips until you sent me back there.

Your chairs are scrumptious. Practical? Maybe not, but perfectly lovely.

Sara said...

Cream and white is a favorite combo of mine too. Not to mention real cream, whipped or otherwise - but now we are talking about food.

Hyacinths and lilies....fragrant! I've never tried to grow either...well I've never tried to grow much of anything. On my mantel at this moment I have a pot of four vivid red tulips - a gift. They brighten things up a lot.

Vee said...

Ohhh, you did catch me! But I thought you were talking about windowsills in the strictest sense. ;>

Sandy said...

you know, i'm a little late, but i have some bulbs that weren't planted yet (leftovers) - i'm going to plant them tonight! :) thanks for the inspiration.

Lavinia said...

I just love the chair with its frill. My new red velvet chair is from Pier 1 too!

You never know what you'll come out with when you step into a Pier 1. Maybe just a candle or a colourful serving platter, or maybe a chair or rug. I love how they put random things on sale and sometimes their clearance prices are irresistible.

Your windowsill feature is a splendid idea. I just had an amaryllis bloom on my windowsill at the office, and it was a very rich creamy white colour. But the bloom has died now....

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