Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who is going to the Seattle Flower & Garden Show?

Just about this time of the year, that need for green hits me. We actually had a snow dusting two nights ago...not what we would normally expect around here, or in England apparently. Did someone say global warming??? Any ways in just a few weeks I can jump in my car and head over the pass to a most wonderful mid winter get away. The Seattle Flower & Garden Show. The second largest garden show of its kind in our country. I imagine close to your home town they have something similar, but no where near this scale.  This show is absolutely amazing to me. That first hit of floral scent that assaults you when you walk through the doorway puts you immediately into what seems like a fairytale fantasy world. Then your whole being adjusts and you let out a great big sigh as you enter the lead way into the show, full of gorgeous grandiose floral arrangements. The crowds are thick and excitement is in the air, as we all gasp and swoon over each new arrangement. Oh I forgot the music. As you take the three story escalator in the convention center up to the entrance you are serenaded by real musicians playing classical music on one of the floors. Then you see all the people coming down the escalator that got there before you did, grasping all their bags bulging with many hard won treasures from the garden mecca shopping venues. There are always those ladies holding excitedly in their arms starts of corkscrew willow, beautiful orchids, bags of lily bulbs, and some amazing looking rusty iron garden trellises of some fashion or another. And you think oh no, I hope there is something left for me to buy! Then you enter the display areas, where sometimes whole buildings are brought in, five year growth forest, unbelievable decadent displays of full blown landscapes, grass, boulders, flowering cherry goes on and on...lots and lots of flowers in full bloom. You get so excited trying to take it all in, you totally forget about the flower and garden market's that beckon you beyond, and you just get lost in the amazement of how did they do this...right smack dab in the middle of winter. Then I see a delphinium in its full regal six foot bloom and I am done in for. Gone to heaven and ....

In doing some research for this post I just found out some shocking news...Organizer Announces 2009 as Final Year of Northwest Flower & Garden Show !!!!!!!!

My heart has dropped to my toes.  Now I have to go.  I guess the economy is hitting everything. This show has been running for 21 years...sigh

Now I just have to find a buddy to drive over that blasted pass with me...anyone planning on going???


krystyna said...

I see Spring is coming here.
Beautiful all; last pic is a special one.

God bless you and your home!

Claudine Elizabeth said...


i went to last year's and it was amazing! i wish i could attach pictures here, but i'm not sure what the HTML code is to do that! anyway, i'm out this year as it's just too much to heft this ginormous belly around all day. but, perhaps we could meet up, even if it were for just a quick hello!

by the way...rumor has it that the garden show will be back. just in a different format!

hope you find a buddy to come up here with you!

MARIA said...

Your lovely home-page looks like a beautiful Eden.
God bless you and your sweet family!

Vee said...

The Boston Flower Show has been one of my favorite events, but I haven't been in nearly a decade. Our local flower show has fallen on hard times. But just the description of your Flower Show makes my heart yearn... How sad that this is the final year...yes, you must go and take lots and lots of photos and share, as I know that you will.

Times are tough...may the times turn around as the "powers that be" listen to God's counsel. This is very much a topic of prayer at our house.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend...oh, thanks for the compliment on my sewing does feel much more cozy.

Lavinia said...

What a profusion of lovely blooms. That old car looks so charming in that setting somehow! A flower-lover's dream....

Knitting Mania said...

Wish I could be your buddy and drive up there with you. I have fond memories of the one time I did meet you up in Seattle for this special event, we had so much fun!!! What year was that?

It's just not right that we live so far apart!!! POUT!!!!

"Happy Valentine's Day"

On This Rock said...

I know that large groups of Canadians wait anxiously every year for the Seattle show as well. I have never been as my husband is the gardener in the I guess if we ever plan to go, it should be this year...

On another note, I have to say that every time I come to your site, I am drawn in by your grandgirlie, now that I have one too...your little one is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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