Sunday, August 31, 2008

Puddin Toes First Birthday!

The Tutu Dress (Nana made in a whirl on Thursday) it was quite fun and easy... really!

Well Saturday was the big day. Lots of work and preparation went into Puddin Toes party. I am sooooooo tired all I can do is post the photos, and let them speak for themselves....I really thought when my last child turned 18 I had given The Last Birthday Party ...who was I kidding =/

I will try to catch up with everyone by mid week. Hope you all enjoy the big event =]

My daughter worked hard on all the decorations...

The cupcakes

The party favors!

and the hats...are they too cute or what?

We served fruit, veggies, cheese, and sandwiches (thank you Alice for the sandwich ideas)

and her sweet Sweet Pear & Cheese which was every ones favorite!

I really have to make a comment here. Alice from Tea in My Cup has this amazing blog that is everything tea. The way she has organized her blog made it a snap for me to just click on the sandwich label and in minutes I had my recipes and knew what my menu was going to be. I cannot say enough about how fabulous this resource blog is! Thank you so much Alice!

Puddin Toes Auntie Ash made Sangria

Birthday girl in her puff cloud dress heheheh....we all just giggled

Mama made the birthday cake with fresh flower from Nana's garden


Special friends!

Nana and P.T.

Mama and P.T.

The End!


Alida said...

How totally gorgeous & fun for Megs, you & all. Puddin Toes won't remember a thing but the pics will sure let her know how much her momma & nana love her. Thanks for sharin these. Love checkin in on ya. xu

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday to Puddin toes. Isn't she sweet. What a beautiful spread and decoration your daughter accomplished.

Lavinia said...

Oh my goodness, what a perfectly pink princess! I love the shot of her reaching for the little pink cupcake...too are all the others...what a precious darling....Happy Birthday Puddin toes!

The spread you put out was gorgeous. Very nicely done and everything looks and sounds delicious....

I have lost my sense of taste/smell due to this bad cold I have....its temporary but its so maddening.....I shall have to just imagine how good all that food tasted....

Strider said...

An extravaganza!

Only in the storm said...

beautiful cindy! all of the food and decorations look like they came straight from Martha Stewart. Eden is SO gorgeous!

Charm and Grace said...

Oh. My. Gracious! What a party, and what a little beauty. P.T. couldn't have been cuter in her puff cloud. And what a spread you all had ... love the caprese s'wiches... I could almost smell the basil. Thanks so much for posting such terrific pictures and letting us be happy with you.


Judy said...

What a special birthday celebration! Beautiful girls...birthday girl and Mama.

Jenna said...

Ohhh my gosh!! This is absolutly ridiculous!! Ed looks so ridiculous in that outfit i love it!!! =] Looks like heaps of fun!! Im sad i missed it!!! =[

Proud Italian Cook said...

What an adorable Granddaughter you have, and what a Grand party for her! Friends, family, and great food, nothing better! Thanks for visiting my blog, I enjoyed my time here too!

The Creative Nut said...

Wonderful! I don't know if I ever told you before, but I used to make costumes. I love P.T.'s dress! So adorable. My goodness, you really are a wonderful hostess! The party looks as though it were a great success!

The Texican said...

Poor little thing. Y'all should try and give her some attention now and again. Glad you shared. Have a wonderful week. Pappy

Knitting Mania said...

Wasn't it a grand party?? Love your photo's too btw.

So good to see you and hubby, a short visit but full of quality!


Sara said...

Such a pretty pink party! It was fun to view the celebration; how much more fun it must have been to participate! Happy Birthday to the sweet little Puddin Toes.

Marie Reed said...

That is the cutest baby ever! I wonder if I could pull off a tutu dress like that with her flair!

Maree said...

What a beautiful blog! Your grandbaby is so, so goreous!

The party looks like so much fun! The food! Lovely.

Being a grandparent is the absolute best!

MARIA said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter!
(sorry, I'm late)

She looks gorgeous in her birthday dress.
Thank you for sharing!

God bless all your family!

Alice said...

So perfectly sweet! Puddin' Toes looks like a little angel in her pretty pink fluffiness. And her hair! It is really growing now and such a pretty color. I wish every child could grow up like Puddin' Toes, knowing she is cherished and loved beyond measure.

Thank you so much for the nice things you said about my blog. I'm so glad you and your guests enjoyed the sandwiches!

Arija said...

How very precious!!!

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