Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dreaming of the Dance

I dropped by Meg's today with some iced coffee's and she was in the middle of a photo shoot with her daughter's . Little Miss P.T. was not cooperating. But when I looked inside Sweet Pea's carrier this is what I found :))) Can't wait to see Meg's photo's.

Well I have not been too active in blog land lately. I can't even really apologize. This time of the year when the roses are first blooming I simply cannot stay away from the garden,or my favorite rose bud Miss Avey Rose. Here are a few more pictures of the big flush. Alas the heat and wind have already done some damage, and the moment is passing. But I do have lots of pictures!!!

this is the view from inside my bedroom window

This rose is the show stopper this year. A climber named Martha. First year I have seen this one really bloom. I am in love.
The white rose in front is Iceberg. This is the best all around white rose ever IMHO
This is Redoute climbing??? I did not know this David Austin climbed, although many do.
My front courtyard looking through the boughs of Zepherine Drouhin the cousin of Martha, with the miniature climber on the wall Jeanne La Joie
The back border with a touch of William Shakespeare 2000 just starting to bloom


Anonymous said...

You are the rose queen. I love the pink outside the bedroom window. Keep snapping and sharing those photos.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Just think how much I could learn about roses...gorgeous roses...from you. Your blog thrills me with each visit. If you knew me you would know that flowers and photography are two of my very favorite things. This blog excels in both categories...thank you so much!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Your roses all look most amazing! I think I need to take some rose-growing lessons from you. I am struggling with two Don Juan's that are meant to be growing along a rail fence. Every winter I lose one...and replant...and after four years they still haven't amounted to much. I think I'm switching to Martha.

Oh yes...and your little Miss Avey Rose is just perfect!

Lavinia said...

Utterly gorgeous blooms. The floral kind and the little baby kind!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Avey is so beautiful. I love her outfit. She looks so precious. I loved your comment on my blog. You have the Green Thumb my friend. I love the flowers and think they are gorgeous, but my daughter has the gene, granddaughter too.

Barbara said...

Lovely to see your garden coming to life. Beautiful roses and all so nearly new and not 'tired'.

Baby pics sweet. Catching up generally as not done much blogging while Sara was here.

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