Monday, June 29, 2009

Grampa rides in a B-17

Grampa Dutch (Dan's Dad) had the opportunity of a lifetime a week ago Monday to take a ride in a B-17 Bomber flying out of Seattle, WA for a touring visit to the Tri Cities. He was one of two vets from our region chosen to take this ride. It was a very special day for this man of 88 years old. He remembers making and clearing runways for 75 bombers who were low on fuel that needed to land on the island he was working on as a SEABEE in the South Pacific during WWII. His crew had to scramble to move each bomber off the runway so that the next one could land. Just one had to land in the water and was rescued by the navy. He was quoted in the paper saying "It just means so much to be able to fly in one of these bombers."

They also brought in a P-51 Fighter and a B-24, below is the fighter jet.
We spent two hours with the babies waiting for Grampa Dutch to land....
P.T. getting ready for the landing...
How about a little ride while we wait Papa Danny?????

I am serious, come on....

You can trust me....

Waiting with Grandma Nellie
da-plane, da plane!

Pudding Toes first news appearance...hmmm she always manages to be in the lime light somehow :)
A peek inside
Meg did a great job taking all the pictures, while I had the hard task of holding miss sweet pea...not :)
Papa Danny let her touch the BIG airplane. P.T. talked about it for days. Grampa Dutch is now a local celebrity at the retirement community. This turned out to be such a boost to every ones spirit there. No matter what your age or position in life this is a story that should remind us all that there is always something new to look forward to...some surprise just around the corner...or a new bend in the doesn't have to stop and stagnate at any age.


Strider said...

Great pictures. I could see the pride on Dutch's face as he got off the bomber. Good job my friend.

Just a little something from Judy said...

What a totally fascinating blog post you did here!! What an honor for this man, and how special that you all got to be there to experience it with him. Great pictures and a meaningful memory for your family. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for that man. I agree we need to find those fun and exciting things to do, no matter how old. That will be a precious memory for little pudding. Maybe not a memory, but the pictures to help save it.
Blessings to family life.

Knitting Mania said...

What a great day sis! Loved hearing the details of your day on the phone and Megs photo's are amazing as ever!

PT sure isn't shy is she? LOL

On This Rock said...

Lovely post. Not only is this an exciting experience for Grampa Dutch, but your record of the day is a wonderful tribute.

Your little gal is adorable...just so cute!

I appreciate your end-of-post application. It really is important to keep "moving", looking forward to those surprises and not "stopping!', even when you feel like it. It has always amazed me that with just one thought, one experience and sometimes just one smile, a person's perspective on their day or life can shift.

Vee said...

Wow! How cool is that?! Loved seeing this post...your father-in-law is amazing.

Sara said...

What a special treat for him. And just perfect this time of year, with July Fourth coming up.

My dad was also in the South Pacific during the war, in the Navy, on several different ships.

Barbara said...

What a treat and great pics of P.T. waiting his return.

So you will be touring the South of France. How wonderful.

Hope yu get to tour England some time.

Lavinia said...

Puddin toes just has the cutest expressions. What a perfect little face she's got....!~

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