Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mid Summer Garden Work

 My favorite rose of the moment...Lillian Austin
Taking a break from garden carnage to have a cool drink and breath.   Two days till vacation at the beach, and life in the garden needs some control!!!  I rather love it though really.  Whacking, prunning, planting, weeding, dead heading, lifting and rearranging.  I have friends that are flabbergasted that I keep such a large garden in their opinion.  My last garden was three times the size on 3/4 of an acre and every square foot planted. 

 What they don't get is that first I love being in the garden, whether it is to do a morning or evening posy walk, pluck a flower, arrange a bouquet or grab an herb for dinner.  Second, it is one of the few forms of exercise I truly enjoy.  I am bored, bored, bored out of my brains in a gym.  My daughter just went to one that was like a movie theater in every room...well maybe.  Still a bunch of other stinking sweaty people around me panting and huffing...I don't care how cute of an outfit :) I would much rather be outside accomplishing other tasks.

 My lily walk on the north side...the scent is intoxicating!

   The only thing that would complete this for me is a pool.  If we can ever figure out how to put one in the ground with out spending a fortune. Prices have literally tripled since we installed our last pool. And yes swimming is one of the other forms of exercise I enjoy! Perfect combo really!

 I will be back later with the actually pictures of the carnage...back to work for now :)


podso said...

Your photos and garden are so beautiful. I wish I had that kind of energy! A few pots are about it for me, except I am learning to prune roses finally, at my "advanced" age!

Sara said...

This photo of the roses in the glass vase is stunning. I enlarged it just so I could enjoy it close up. Roses with dew drops...well, maybe not dew, but sparkling drops of water...are gorgeous. Just wish I could also smell them!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Ah...what beauty! The perfect exercise yard...if you ask me. My 'exercise yard' has been calling...and I've been ignoring. Tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is so beautiful...every drop of sweat was worth it, however big or small the garden. an how I love your view over the kitchen sink!

melissa said...

Your flowers are absolutely wonderful, and that touch of brilliant blue in your beds just wows me. :)

You definitely have the green thumb! :)

Btw, enjoy that vacation!

Vee said...

Your garden is incredible. I wouldn't personally have the stamina for it, but I appreciate that you are most happy working in the garden. Off on vacation soon? Have a marvelous time and don't forget the camera! (Hope that you get your gopher good!)

Barbara said...

Such a beautiful time of year for the garden. Loved touring yours. Have just posted lots on mine too.
I agree with you on the pool. Would be great at the moment as we are in a heatwave.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Photography, gardening, and blogging...you do them all so well. These flower pictures really did take my breath away. Thanks for sharing them. The first and the last were my favorites. You are talented.

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