Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Whirlwind Hit...

 Yes, I did recover from the plague :)  We drove to Seattle and back in about 24 hours this past weekend. We had two family meals.
One celebrating Jenna's Associate Degree from Bellevue College at The Beach House in Kirkland, right before her graduation ceremony on Friday night.

  Then I threw her a party via the dollar store and Costco that night at her house with all her friends.

 The next morning found us all in down town Seattle for a special early Father's Day breakfast at Portage Bay

 It was quite a feat driving over with Meg and the babies from the Tri Cities.

  Josh and Olivia making it up from Portland, with Frances their new puppy.

 We all spent the night in some hotel rooms in Kirkland.  After breakfast Megan, babies and Jenna headed to  Sea Tac to pick up Tyler who rerouted his flight from Illinois so he could help drive the babies and Meg home. If you want a fun read about his storm chasing adventure en route to Lake Michigan with his sister check out his blog at Mind Your Own Beeswax, he is hysterical.

 I was so proud of my family all making a very special effort to get to Seattle to honor Jenna Dear.  Then on Monday morning she hopped in the car and came for a visit for this week, as next week she starts a new job and moves in two weeks into a new residence. Oh and did I mention we picked up our new chair and ottoman in Seattle....I know I know not such a big deal, but it took me four years to complete my great room and this was the last piece.  I am so happy to be done with the decorating in that room. I am a slow mover on these things =/  ( I will post a picture, just don't have one yet)

In a just over a week we will all be gathering again for the 4th of July in Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. Then home to a another surgery for Dan.  I haven't mentioned much on the blog, but it has been a hard year for Dan with his health.  One year ago, Dan had a hip replacement surgery.  He never really recovered. It turned out his body was allergic to the metal they used for his replacement. He has been in a lot of pain all year.  We are praying and believing that this re-do will solve all his health problems with this hip.  I would really covet your prayers. Chronic pain is not a great way to live, and cobalt chromium in his blood stream is affecting other areas of his health.  So this summer will definitely slow down after all this for a six week recovery period. I am believing God by next spring we will be able to go see our friends in France, with Dan up and about and pain free!!!


Just a little something from Judy said...

Thank you for the privilege of stepping into the world of you and your family for a few moments today. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter, on her graduation! The pictures of your family share the love they have for each other, with so many smiles. What a good looking family!

As for your husband's hip replacement, I hope that goes well for him and takes care of the pain. I feel so badly for people who have to live with pain everyday. My mother has gone through two successful hip replacements, with twelve years in between, and she sings the praises of pain free walking. My prayer is the same for your husband.

Vee said...

Beautiful photos of all the family. Gosh, you're all such good-looking people. I'm sorry to learn that Dan has had such a rough year. You're right. Chronic pain is no way to live so I will add him to my prayers and believe that the next surgery will be the answer. Shoot. It's got to be discouraging so how come he can still smile that way? :D If I'd read your blog, I'd know that you're recovered from that plague, too. Grandgirlies are so stinkin' cute it's unbelievable!

Von said...

We'll be praying for Dan as he undergoes another hip replacement and believe that this one will take him back to the life he wants!

Love the Portage Bay - he had breakfast there with family the day after our nephew's wedding. :)

podso said...

Glad you had the bubonic plague early on so you could enjoy such wonderful family times. The family pics are great and it looks like some great memories were made. Trust Dan's surgery goes well and takes care of the whole thing with new health on the other side of surgery.

Knitting Mania said...

So good to see the family. Everyone looks so good Sis! What a great celebration for Jenna!!

Good to know your traditional beach trip is on schedule...have a wonderful restful time. Thinking of you guys!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Wow...what a whirlwind of a weekend you had! But it looks like a fabulous family time....and how special that they all made the effort to be there for your daughter.

Sorry to hear your hubby's surgery never went well. A friend of ours had hip replacement surgery several years ago...and never really recovered. He had it re-done last week...and though it is all brand new...he already feels less pain in the hip. So...let's hope and pray all goes well this time around for Dan!

Sara said...

Everyone in your family is so good looking!

Barbara said...

Great famijly pictures but I am glad that we do not have to travel that far. How that year has flown for Jenna.

Sara said...

I read this post more carefully and want to add that I will pray for Dan...somehow I missed this last paragraph the first time through. So glad they figured out it was the metal...and can redo it. But I'm sorry he had to suffer a whole year before this came about.

Enjoy your family weekend at Cannon Beach...

Oh, yes, I did get that glass bowl at World Market!

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