Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Last of the Big Flush

Cinderella just starting to strut her stuff. This is a climber by Kordes

This is a lovely old bourbon rose called Mme Isaac Pereire Rose

My peony border has gone crazy

Nothing like the old girl Sara Bernhardt
Krinkled White

A peek down the pergola

This one is a hybrid tea I found named after me...Cynthia

The red oriental poppy is a very bold thing in my garden, I am never really sure if she is going to survive my shovel pruning or not.

My southern view off my porch.

I feel hugged by heaven this week, surrounded by the scent and the beauty of heaven.

Enjoy your first week of summer!


Vee said...

Cindy, it's all so beautiful it just about takes my breath away. I'm sitting here gasping. It's no wonder that you are feeling hugged by heaven...what a great phrase!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It's beutiful out there...in your garden! Have you had sunshine lately? We would like some...soon.

a woman who is said...

Judy: We have some sunshine on and off. Actually the cool weather is prolonging the blooms on my roses...so not all bad from my point of view just now. Hope some sunshine is heading your way.

podso said...

I would feel rich looking out your windows or sitting on your verandah...such beauty and abundance of lovely flowers! I know you are grateful

God is Love said...

you have an awesome flower garden.

Sara said...

Your garden is beautiful, so full of color, and you've certainly given us a new slant on it! (Sorry, I couldn't resist that...I like the different perspective)

vblissart@gmail.com said...

Oh Cindy, your garden is so inspiring!! In EVERY way :-) I now want to grow my own.. I'm glad that there is a brilliant woman I can go to for advice about anything :D
Looking forward to some pictures of your paintings :D

Terra said...

I looked at the next post, and love the photos of the children on the left and garden photos on the right, so I am following now. I write about gardening for magazines, and sometimes add in Scripture because God was the first gardener for sure.

Barbara said...

Beautiful. Still have that pleasure to come. Just one bloom out so far. The weather has caused ours to be later than usual this year.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

One of my favorite gifts is to give a plant that bears the name of the person I am gifting. I had great luck finding miniture roses with lots of first names and regularly gave them to my kid's teachers as an end of the year gift.

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