Thursday, December 16, 2010

Avoiding the Crowds

One of the reason I love Christmas is for those fairy princess moments in my loved ones lives 

I may be a little slow on the uptake at times but this year my eyes have seen the light.  Have you heard of Cyber Monday?  Yes I knew some working moms did a lot of Christmas shopping on line.  I have used Amazon quite a bit myself but mostly for book purchases.  I have avoided Black Friday like the plague over the last several years...let's just say I refuse to go that route.  No matter how good my intentions are every year to start my Christmas shopping early...I just never can seem to get my heart into it out of season so to speak. So with my house full to the brim, and no chance to shop I did what millions more must be doing and went on line.  I sat down in front of my computer that  Monday morning and did most of my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my warm cozy home with a great cup of coffee and hit the send button over and over.  I was very surprised to see the same great specials that they were promoting in the papers for Black Friday right at the touch of my finger tips. Some deals even had bidding and time limits on them. Too much pressure for I had already avoided that hoopla on Friday morning.  Through out the following weeks I went back to my computer and just kept buying as the ideas came, and voilà...everything has come delivered right to my door step. No lugging all those packages back and forth. What I can't believe is how long it took me to really get the hang of this on line shopping thing.  I think if you stick with reputable companies like Amazon and such you can't go wrong.  I always get the free shipping.  If anything is wrong, they immediately take care of the problem, very, very good customer service.  I have purchased at least 90% of my Christmas gifts this year on line...and I don't think I will ever force myself again into those crowed malls unless it is for the pure ambiance of it all for a stroll through the hoopla to watch all the other crazies out there while I have a Cinnabon and a cup of coffee or something =]

Now after a wretched bout with the flu bug yesterday, all I am fit to do is start wrapping those packages.  Now if somebody has figured out and easier way to get this part done...let me know?

Happy Holidays my friends!!!

A few updates to my post:
Barbara said:I buy lots through Amazon and always thought it safe but this year was taken by a scam (advertised there) and lost a lot of money. I guess nothing is infallible in this life.

Note: it was not Amazon, but a company that had their advertisement at the bottom of the page.

 A few great ideas for wrapping...recycle those bags and use used calendars...I love that idea Podso!  Why am I saving all those old calendars for anyway...always thought they were too cute to throw out...hmmm


melissa said... good to hear from you. :) And you sound good, even after being sick.

Smart one to do your shopping online. I've done a tiny bit and it's all come in here as well. A more lowkey holiday at our house, and I welcome that very much.

Btw, the little princess is darling! :)

Barbara said...

I buy lots through Amazon and always thought it safe but this year was taken by a scam (advertised there) and lost a lot of money. I guess nothing is infallible in this life.

Have a great Christmas and hope you are completely well by then.

a woman who is said...

Barbara: Hmmm good to know, just stick with the Amazon only products. Would Amazon not deal with the scam? I did see some advertising at the bottom of the pages at times that took you to a different site...was that what you experienced. I am sooo sorry!

Terra said...

I completed my Christmas shopping too, isn't that a great feeling? I suggest using gift bags instead of wrapping paper for 2 reasons: you or the recipient can reuse them so it is kinder to the earth and it is faster!

a woman who is said...


Great suggestion Terra! I do use as many bags as I can and I do recycle them. But there never seems to be enough...and then there are those awkward packages. Heck I decorate the bags with ribbons and save all that too =) I even recycle the bows on packages if I can. I must admit one crazy secret though, I cannot abide a stick on bow. So those I pitch.

podso said...

I also recyle old calendars as wrapping paper, if it fits the gift ok. Always makes an interesting present to open inside and out, especially if you have written appts on the dates of the calendar! Good for you to get your shopping done online. I have yet to brave that new territory other than books and itunes. It sounds unbeatable.

Cute, cute little princess!

Knitting Mania said...

As for me....the gift wrapping is the most FUN!!! I love to wrap and decorate pkgs, always have even as a kid. Wish I could do all your wrapping for ya Sis!!!

Good to know about the Amazon issue with Barbara, I've always heard they were the safest too, hmmm makes you wonder!

See you soon!! :)

Sara said...

Hope the flu bug is totally gone and your energy returns soon. You certainly found a convenient way to shop....I use Amazon a lot too and I've noticed their books are usually less expensive than on the other online book sites. Free shipping is always a good thing!

This is the first year I've heard the term "Cyber Monday." I'd much rather participate in Cyber Monday than Black Friday! Crowded malls are no fun at all.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm with you...avoiding the crowds more and more each year and checking out amazon instead. It's a great way to shop!

Sorry you were under the weather (but at least you have it behind you for Christmas!).

Gwendolyn said...

"Puddin Toes" how very sweet! What a lovely blog! Thank you!

Vee said...

Some years I go that route. This year I waited until nearly the last minute, woke very early and trudged off. I was finished in a couple of hours and my hubby took me out for dinner after. It was fine. I hate to see the stores so empty as they still are here. It's not boding well. But let us choose cheer...I can get my knickers in a knot fretting while all the while knowing that God is in charge. What a sweet photo of your ballerina and how nice to have a ballerina in the family for impromptu performances!

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