Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Act of Kindness

"I love how one act of kindness turned into a love fest. See Meg's article on what she could offer..."   
This was my post on Facebook this weekend.  I am busting at the seams over one act of kindness that my daughter was determined to share with one needful teenage mom this holiday season.  We were in the middle of everything (Babies in the House for a month)  when one morning a few weeks ago, Megan sat at my kitchen table to read some essays that she was reviewing to pick a candidate for a free senior portrait.  Megan was trying to figure out one small way to give back with her talent for the Christmas season.  She had a contact with The Boys and Girls Club that connected her with the director of a local high school program for teen moms.  She called this lady for a candidate for her gift. The director suggested the girls earn it by writing essays on why they should receive the free senior portrait. By the third essay  Meg was crying...mom listen to this...then we were both crying.  I was very touched but was secretly wondering how on earth my daughter with all that was going on in her life (building and moving into a new house with two little ones) was going to help anybody else at the moment when she was sooo over whelmed with all that was on her plate. 

Next thing I knew she had decided to give all eight applicants a portrait.  She called on her photographer buddies and what ensued this Saturday was sooo heart warming.  Several local news channels picked up the story.  The local beauty academy pitched in and gave the girls free make overs.  Yes the girls lives were touched, so were her fellow photographer friends, and really a whole lot of community took place last Saturday...that started with one act of kindness.  I am humbled by this woman of God...my daughter Meg.

Newscast video  Newscast video II

behind the scene photo's byTerra Baysinger-Nyce 
and the gal she photographed

mom and baby by Meg Borders

Click on the photographers names to see more of this amazing shoot


Vee said...

What a heartwarming story! No wonder you are so proud of your darling girl. She'd make any mother's heart burst with pride and joy. Absolutely beautiful photography, too. Those young women must be beside themselves with their blessing of a free senior portrait.

podso said...

You have good reason to be proud! Not to mention the fact that your daughter is such a good photographer!

I just happened to find this:

Knitting Mania said...

Amazing story, watching the news reports brought tears to my eyes, so proud of our girl.

Von said...

I love this! Your heart must be full to overflowing, cuz mine is about to burst. :)

Karen said...

I have been so blessed watching Meg do this, as well. She is such an amazing woman of God! I imagine your buttons are bursting - what an incredible gift to these young women.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a wonderful story! You must be so proud of your daughter. Beautiful photos!

Barbara said...


May you know many blessings in this coming year Cindy.

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