Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chinook Winds

                I started this post last Friday, but finally am getting around to posting it...

The temperature is 50 degrees outside and the wind is blowing. Woo hoo !!!  After three weeks of snow and a cold constant blast from the north I am welcoming these warm winds from the south called Chinook. (click here if you are curious about what a Chinook is)  Not only are they melting all the snow but hopefully drying out the mud.  Now perhaps we can get on with the pool.  As is turns out they were able to move my pipes to a more decent location, and I will be able to regain my side yard path way.   Thanks for the prayers and to the power of blogdom.  Apparently my pool guy read my blog, and had mercy on me!!!  I had no idea that he would be reading it.  We became facebook friends and he followed my post back to my blog. So to the power of prayer however God chooses to work it our for good =)  Yeah

I have spent that last two days reclaiming my home, only to realize that in two more weeks they'll
be back...my family that is.  All except Meg, Ty and the girls, whom are now officially moved into their new home.  ( I will get you some pictures of their lovely home soon)  So we won't be busting at the seams this time.  I AM looking forward to the gathering of the clan once again.  I truly do enjoy them all so much!

 Hopefully my sister and I will have some of our more typically quiet moments together this time...a cup of tea and long midnight talks =}

Here are the pictures I promised...our house at Thanksgiving =)
Eden addicted to Aunty Jenna's Iphone
Aunt Jenna and Avey bonding moment
Men carving turkey
Frances (Josh's pup) in time out...poor thing
It turns out he was so anxious to play with the babies that he would get too excited and knock them down...and did I mention he is a bird dog...and we had a visiting bird in the house too...hehe
This really was a family circus moment...but we all survived quite well!
boy enjoying dinner
Avey meeting Lacy, Aunty Christina's bird who we carefully kept hidden from Frances
Yum yum
Exhausted but happy Nana


Tom Zawacki said...

Great family pictures, so nice to see all those smiling faces again, miss you guys!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Love your 'pool guy' story! God works in mysterious ways.

Enjoy your big happy family...coming again soon. Those tiring times are the best of times!

the wild magnolia said...

Tremendous family pictures. I love the look on Avey's face watching the bird!

Thank you for sharing.

Vee said...

Oh sweet, sweet photos. I'm glad that things are settling down, including the weather, to something like normal. You'll need a few normal days to regroup for the next round.

podso said...

Fun to see your house at Thanksgiving! We are having the opposite weather --in the teens! For the south that's cold. And I see the same dishes on your table that I'm soon to bring over to my house from mom's as we break up her home and move her to asst living.

God is Love said...

all is beautiful:):)

MARIA said...

Merry Christmas my Dear Online Angel!

Barbara said...

Wonderful and glad you have your home back. Time out for dogs, well that's new.

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