Friday, January 20, 2012

Gifts for My Heart (400th Post)

 When I was a little girl I remember watching my grandmother putting on these earrings for very special occasions.  She had several piece of costume jewelry along this line. They seemed very fancy to me.  Of coarse I didn't know the difference between these and the real thing back then. Now they are the real thing.  Pieces of my memory that bring back for me treasures that cannot be boughten.

For Christmas this year my youngest daughter Jenna Dear made me this special gift. 

 This picture frame with lace gave me the opportunity to sift through my jewelry memories, and come up with some lovely treasures of my heart, and a wonderful way to display them.
All the rings represent various gifts from my mom, my husband's grandmother, a daughter's promise ring left behind (thanks Judy for the inspiration here) a gift from my husband pre engagement...

The heart locket with my name engraved on the back was gifted to me as a baby from my Aunt Angie who I only remember as a small toddler.  A precious sister to mother indeed.

The aged faux pearl bracelet very much reminds me of my mother who passed away 23 years ago every time I look at it.  You see all this jewelry was just sitting around in old jewelry boxes hidden from my heart.  There is nothing fancy here by any means except the keys to my hearts memories.
This was another special gift from my oldest daughter Meg.  I love the style and the reminder of the many wonderful years God has given my husband and I as a team made in heaven. 

My daughter's know my heart and their special gifts this year have gone deep inside it.

Update: I just noticed this was my 400th post! WOW I have done a lot of blogging. Crazy how time flys. 

Podso wondered how I was fairing with the storm?  I was home four days in a row, while others were stealing   using my SUV for work, and school, you know those unimportant things.  Anyways I did get out for church today.  The blessed Chinook winds hit on Saturday and melted the snow on the roads.  So life is back to normal as far as transportation is concerned.  It must all seem a bit crazy to folks who have snow all winter, but our community is just not equipped to deal with it, so we come to a grinding halt in a bit of snow =)


Vee said...

What thoughtful, lovely, unique gifts. Your daughters do know you!

Terra said...

Your daughters gave you creative gifts, and what a good idea to display some jewelery treasures, instead of keeping them in boxes. The sign is clever too.

Sara said...

What a lovely way to display those treasured memories that have been hiding away in the jewelry box.

You and I married the same year; that marriage failed for me, but yours has been a real blessing. That's a wonderful thing! And my second one has been that to me also.

podso said...

I think your daughters know you well--what a blessing they are! I love the idea and it looks so pretty ... and I guess you could change some of the pieces when you want to! I wonder how you fared in the storm!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Love those gifts from the heart! What a great idea...the frame to display 'jewels' from the past.

And congrats on 400 posts! Here's to many more.

Sassy Granny ... said...

What precious collections! They were given with heart & received with same. Hard to attach a price to such as this.

Pretty amazing how quickly our posts pile up, huh? Congrats!

Kathy said...

How special! I really like the idea of the mirror and lace. Treasures with precious memories for years to come.

Just a little something from Judy said...

What pretty, thoughtful gifts from the heart you shared. I like how you so tastefully displayed them. I like how you know the story behind each beautiful piece.

Congratulations on your 400th post! Hope you share many more. Love your banner rose picture and all your garden pictures!

Barbara said...

Somewhere else where the community is not equipped to deal with sudden and very occasional heavy snow!

What a beautiful gift your daughter doing that for you.

Congrats. on your 400th. I find it amazing too. I way past 600 now.

I can remember when I saw a blogger had reached 500 when I first started and it seemed amazing and unobtainable. Little did we know.

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