Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Humor Me...winter storm on the way

 Dear Gentle Readers...Humor me today as I need to be reminded of flowers and summer. As you suspect this is a repost of scent and bloom.  There is apparently a huge snow storm coming my way.  So Vee it looks like you did let me borrow some of your winter ;)

 My favorite rose of the moment...Lillian Austin
Taking a break from garden carnage to have a cool drink and breath.   Two days till vacation at the beach, and life in the garden needs some control!!!  I rather love it though really.  Whacking, prunning, planting, weeding, dead heading, lifting and rearranging.  I have friends that are flabbergasted that I keep such a large garden in their opinion.  My last garden was three times the size on 3/4 of an acre and every square foot planted. 

 What they don't get is that first I love being in the garden, whether it is to do a morning or evening posy walk, pluck a flower, arrange a bouquet or grab an herb for dinner.  Second, it is one of the few forms of exercise I truly enjoy.  I am bored, bored, bored out of my brains in a gym.  My daughter just went to one that was like a movie theater in every room...well maybe.  Still a bunch of other stinking sweaty people around me panting and huffing...I don't care how cute of an outfit :) I would much rather be outside accomplishing other tasks.

 My lily walk on the north side...the scent is intoxicating!

   The only thing that would complete this for me is a pool.  If we can ever figure out how to put one in the ground with out spending a fortune. Prices have literally tripled since we installed our last pool. And yes swimming is one of the other forms of exercise I enjoy! Perfect combo really!

This was what we woke up to this morning.  Actually I woke up to the sound of Dan shoveling snow.
The snow is quite lovely and I will pretend I am back in New England for the few days this will last.  I know I have no legit reason to whine.  Some of you must feel stuck in eternal winter.  Mmmm breath deeply, can't you just smell that heady scent of lilies <3


podso said...

I would enjoy picking a posy or having an evening or morning stroll through your garden! It looks so well and tenderly cared for. Hope the storm is not as bad as predicted, and enjoy your time at the beach!

Vee said...

Now promise me that once the snow has arrived, you will find your way outside and take some beautiful photos just as you have here of the garden. One must rejoice in the moment and, since you'll be escaping it so soon, it won't cost you much. Love the way you describe the gym! LOL!

melissa said...

Love the contrasting photos! :) And good to see what you're up to.

Btw, I had to close my Contemplate Joy blog because it was hacked over the weekend. Sort of weird, to say the least. Now I'm at

Please visit me!

Kathy said...

What first brought me to your blog was your lovely I like coming because we are blogging friends. Holiday while the snow falls.....good plan!

Knitting Mania said...

Wow you guys did get some snow. Welcome to the season of "winter", it seems to be upon most of us these days.

Enjoy the beauty this brings until your beloved Spring arrives and your all your flowers wake up from their slumber.

Barbara said...

So beautiful to see such a glorious taste of summer. I remember when you started planting. Great achievement.

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