Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tree Planting

Okay I have been completely distracted from my blogging. I am desperately trying to choose a great tree for my front yard. It has to be a great tree, because in this tiny lot, I only have room for one medium size shade tree. So I decided to bring it to blogger land. I know there are a lot more people peeking at my blog than our commenting. Please if you have a preference; give me some help on this.

1. Autumn Blaze (seedless, roots could be problem, fast grower, could have brittle wood)
2. October Glory (small seeds, great color, smaller tree, rounder shape)
3. Autumn Flame(x between a Red Sunset and October Glory, I had one in my last yard, has lots of seeds)

Yes they are all maples and how hard of a choice could it be? I am just so picky, and having a hard time getting detailed accurate information on the differences. I want it to be smallish 40 ft. no seeds, no root problems, or brittle wood. Okay most of you are yawing by now, what is the big deal? Every time I plant a tree I think about the long term part. What I plant today is really for the next generation.
Why can’t I stop thinking about that and just think about me! :>)

I think there are some spiritual analogies here, but I am too tired and to obsessed with picking a tree to care. SAD!

If there are any true tree lovers out there, it would be great for some feed back. I have tried the Tree Forum, and they are a little scary. They hate most of the trees I have planted, and are very opinionated. Yikes this is driving me crazy. How hard can it be to pick a tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nadine said...

I like No. 2 - it's pretty.

Joy said...

October Glory... I like the name...

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