Thursday, March 1, 2007

Vision for the next season

So we just came back yesterday from yet another out of town excursion. Went to Portland to see a specialist for my husbands eyes. He has had many problems over the years with everything from detached retina, lasik and lensik surgery for major vision issues and now glaucoma. He is only 52, so it is a bit early for this. The doctor isn't even sure what to do. He has low pressure in his eye, but a very fragile optic nerve. I have been praying as of last week for new vision for my husband, both physically and spiritually. God can do that, He can! After our whirlwind trip I came home with lots of new idea's for our home. Yes we went furniture shopping again. Can I just say I just love 23rd Street in Portland. It is soooooooo interesting. We did buy a sofa table, and well I found myself rearranging a bunch of things in my house. It seems everytime I add something new to our home, I find myself rearranging everything, a bit compulsive I think. Then I started planting. The wind is blowing outside and I need to feel dirt. So I planted grass seed in various pots through out my house. I know I am a strange girl. But how fun will it be at Easter? So what does all this have to do with anything. Gardening, decorating, vision, oh I don't know...I just think I needed another excuse to post a picture of my garden. I just need to have a little vision myself that this new home and this new dirt will someday feel for reals.

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Just Being Me said...

I had no idea about Dan's eyes. I pray that the Lord would heal him. I love that you're blogging. You're doing a great job!

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