Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cannon Beach Part III

Wow, my summer has just been jam packed with events. My blog just seems to be a record of them lately. I have some more pictures, but these pictures capture a moment of my summer when God declared His beauty all around me, and I actually had a few days to contemplate His creation, and capture it with a camera.

Creativity...His beauty demands a response, and that is art. It is not about us or our imitation of beauty. Creativity is a response. Like worship is a response, to God, to His beauty. It does not originate with us, we simply respond to what He has created and who He is.

Some musings from a book written by Michael Card "Scribbling in the Sand"

First glimpse of Cannon Beach "Haystack"

First day at the beach

First sunset

Second day at the beach, notice clouds floating in

Second sunset, same spot

I love how God is always changing things up when it comes to his creation.


Tiffany said...

beautiful pictures! I would love to get together soon so we can chat. It's been awhile. I'm done with summer school TODAY :-) So I have a little more free time to get together!

Nadine said...

Wow what wonderful pictures. I love it - what's better than God's creation? Nothing.

EM said...

It just seems like yesterday I too was there looking at that rock. Thanks for sharing your pics with me. Blessings on the rest of your summer.

Joy said...

Lovely pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad I checked in...we just got home from Seaside/Cannon Beach this afternoon. These are great pics, and the ones 2 or 3 "pages" back are outstanding! I love that house with Bambi at the door! And did you go to the Sleepy Monk for some coffee? Gabriels told us to try it. Great place. I love the flowers that thrive there, such as the hydrangeas and the fushcias, and nastursiums, and the huge hanging baskets on every lamp post and porch! Wish we would have been down there at the same time, that would have been a fun coincidence. Helen

Barbara said...

Beautiful photos. I just love sunsets.

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