Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wedding Days Part 1 of Vacation 07

Sorry to those of you looking for my vacation blogging. I got distracted...

Here are pictures from the first leg of my journey. I was the wedding helper. It was so fun helping two of my best friends with their children's wedding. Yeah, that is right; my good friend’s kids were marrying each other. My pregnant daughter was a bridesmaid. It was quite the family affair. Lot's of fun and good times.

Dress Rehearsal Dinner

Girlies getting ready Mother of the Groom Brother and Mother of the Bride
Megan and Daniel

Looking closely, chandelier on right and left, my handy work :>)

The happy couple

Jordan & Esther (Little) Filip

I helped with everything from pew bows, chandeliers for the reception, to dress rehearsal decorations. It was a beautiful wedding, and a glorious time was had by all.

Stay tuned for Part II


Chris said...

Loved the update on your vacation and the pictures are beautiful Cindy...wow love all those colors. The family pic is great. I'm looking forward to part two.

Love ya, sis

Jen(n) said...

Love the colors in flowers and bridesmaid dresses!
Looks like it was an amazing day... Hope you are enjoying your time at the beach.

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