Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On our way to the beach...Part II

We gathered and had breakfast with the family the next day. After breakfast and a little shopping at Clackamas Mall the kids proceeded, home back to the Tri Cities, while Dan and I drove off into the sunset. I wish :>) but we did have a lovely drive to the coast via the Willamette Valley. We meandered through their wine country and stopped at two nurseries’. The first stop was The Fragrant Garden Nursery. They had lovely display garden, and humungous hanging baskets. I was given a tour by a very knowledgeable employee. Who ended up selling me two new plants for my garden. This guy knew his stuff. He turned me on to some really exciting new hybrids, (for me anyway) one large highly fragrant Hosta "Fried Green Tomatoes" that I can't wait to plant under my kitchen window. We then drove less than five miles up the road to Heirloom Roses. It was their summer 1/2 off sale. Oh my! I was hardly contained. I ended up with five new baby roses. Lucky they are small little starter plants that fit very nicely into the back seat of our car. Dan is so good to me :>). The first two roses I grabbed were a climber called Eden. Hoping to plant them the day my new granddaughter is born. For you rosarians out there, they have acres of display gardens. Sadly the owner and former hybridizer John Clements had passed away two days before our arrival. The flag was flown at half mast, and the gardens had a sad quiet peace about them. At the end of this day we ended up at the coast in a little place west of Tillamook. We were invited to stay the weekend with two of the families of the wedding party, at a lovely beach house in a gated community called The Capes. It was quite a treat. Right next door I caught Bambi eating the neighbor’s flowers. Spend a wonderful day on Sunday exploring the coastal community in that area, and had a superb dinner at Roseanne’s watching the coastal sunset. A very fun weekend, indeed!

Coming up shortly Part III

The climbing rose on the right is Eden.

Ladies trying to beat the waves. I just followed Dan and made a clean jump to the other side!

Bambi was very bold!


Jen(n) said...

I can't believe how close that deer came to the front door! The flowers are beautiful and I love that you are going to plant those roses on Eden's birthday! Here is hoping she isn't born close to midnight!!!

Nadine said...

That deer is very brave or stupid? Good thing it wasn't hunting season. You take great pictures. Looks like you had fun.

Von said...

It's been great to visit your blog, Cindy! I'll be putting it in my Newsgator account so I can keep up with you regularly. :)

I remembered you ordering from Heirloom Roses years ago and so when I began my little garden, I bought from them. The roses start out small, but grow fast! I have a Sharifa Asma and it's done o.k. I think it's in a part of the garden that didn't get quite enough water earlier in the season, so I've been trying to give that end special attention. It's my Claire Rose and Graham Thomas that have been spectacular for me. I'm having way too much fun in my new gardens, thanks to you for finding Heirloom for me. So sorry to hear that JC has passed on.

I'll have to find The Fragrant Garden next time I'm at Heirloom!

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