Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We are going to the beach!

This picture was taken three years ago. The last time our whole family got to go on vacation together. Notice we all look a bit younger :>). My kids are always making fun of me, because I am always saying. "This is the last_______". This is the last football game, the last senior prom, the last time we may all be together for a family vacation... You get the picture. They just think I am being ridiculous. This year we tried to gather the clan for a week at the beach. Some were willing but others thought it could wait for another year. They think life will always go on the same, but I know better at my ripe old age past the 1/2 century mark. Life doesn't stand still, not for long anyway. Next time we gather we will definitely have a new addition, and life will never be the same for our young couple expecting our new little treasure. So this is a picture of our last family vacation, at this size anyway. The future will hold just an expanded version.

The good news is Dan and I have a wonderful trip planned for just the two of us. A wedding in Portland, two nights at a beach home with friends in Manzanita, and than a lovely B&B at Cannon Beach for just the two of us. I am so looking forward to spending some one on one time with my wonderful man. As things have worked out, it will be very lovely to spend time by ourselves. I have always worried about the empty nest thing. You know the house getting too quiet. What was I thinking! They just keeping bring more people back with them. I absolutely love it that my kids feel so welcomed and comfortable sharing our lives and our home with all their friends and family. I thrive on it really. But, peace and quiet and a time of real rest sound so wonderful. And Cannon Beach, oh my, if you live in the Northwest and have never enjoyed this gorgeous beach; I hope to sell you on it! I am going to steal an idea from my friend Nadine, and document our trip. So I will leave you with a teaser of some past pictures of this lovely beach. I am looking forward to morning coffee at the local internet cafe touching bases with my blog family and friends.


Joy said...

Wow. Beautiful pictures! They inspire me to go on a roadtrip! Have fun :)

Christina said...

Cindy...have a wonderful time at the wedding, and most of all enjoy your beach vacation with Dan and allow the Lord to bless you and relax you both, you so deserve it!
Love ya...Sis

Tom Zawacki said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful time away together. I look forward to hearing all about it... maybe over coffee?


Nadine said...

Great pictures. I hope you enjoy this time away. Find rest, peace and lots of fun! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it.

The Creative Nut : ) said...

Beautiful photos, I hope I get to see the Pacific someday. You have such a good looking family there!

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