Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Cotswolds

So I have had a little fun this afternoon going down memory lane with my husband. My good friend Barbara from Ramblings in an English Garden asked me where my new header picture was taken. She guessed right that it was in the Cotswold’s...somewhere??? Exactly where…I am still not 100% sure! Seven years ago my husband and I went to France and England for our 25th Wedding Anniversary when on one sweet summer morning I snapped that picture that is now my header.

All I could remember was that we stayed at a lovely old house called Clapton Manor, in this tiny village of Clapton on the Hill. I was able to look up that much information in my journal. There are a lot of places in the Cotswold’s that sound so similar. They have a lot of places that are called:______on the Water, ______ on the Wold. (What’s a wold?) ______on the Hill…. Lower______, Upper _______I got very confused :0)

Here is what some typical roadside signage looks like

On our first outing, we headed off to visit some beautiful gardens, (Hidcote & Kiftsgate) It was all just so quaint, my first day of Cotswold quaint, and I just couldn't stand it another second longer as we were passing through this village. I just told Dan to stop! We simply pulled over and parked and I went around with my eyes bugging out and snapped a couple of pictures and said okay, we can continue now...phew! Dan and I could not for the life of us remember where in the world I had snapped those pictures. So we did a little detective work, using Google Earth. I found another picture that I had taken in this place. We zoomed in on the sign and Google Earthed it.

Redesdale Arms

It brought us to the village of Morton on the Marsh. We played around with Google Earth for awhile, check out some of the pubs we had eaten at. We are still not sure which Fox we ate at? Dan thinks it was at Morton on the Marsh. But I think it was the one in Lower Oddington?
Google Earth is quite a fun program. If you haven’t tried it, just type in your address and it will give you a visual image of you house from the air. Than you can zoom right in on your own backyard...

We had a lot of fun trying to remember all the sweet little places we visited on that quick jaunt to the Cotswolds.

So now I must take you all with me on a little tour ... thanks Barbara for getting me started down memory lane!

Here is the back of Clapton Manor

The fireplace in the sitting room. Big enough I suppose to roast an ox!

Our bedroom

Behind the bookcase is a secret passage. The owner of the B&B thought we were out and she came right through that passage way and scared us both! She was pretty embarrassed , I was pretty freaked out!

Take a look at the depth of those window sills. Had my first taste of Lady Grey tea here!

This manor house was built in the sixteenth century out of the golden cotswold stone of the region...
Here is a glimpes of the manor from one part of their garden

So at this point I haven't even left the B&B this was all the Clapton Manor's gardens

Stay tuned for more of my tour...I will have to break this up into several posts. Hope you all enjoyed it!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You know what?! I thought I was in Barbara's blog at first and couldn't imagine what had happened. For just a split second, I was blaming Blogger for a big mix-up. LOL!

Beautiful, beautiful tour you took us on today. I love the charm and
"quaint-ness" of it all. Google Earth has proven very helpful to you as you re-created your journey. The internet is amazing!

I would have keeled over if someone had popped out from behind that bookcase. My nerves aren't what they used to be! ROFL!

Barbara said...

The header could be Broadway. I did recognise Moreton-in-the Marsh.
A wold is a Hill. Stow-in-the Wold is on the highest point of the Coswold Hills.
Incidentally Our only UK Christian radio station today advertised The Shack which apparently they have in their book shop. I may end up getting it after all.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I'd email you if I knew your addy...either I didn't take proper note or I've not had it in the first could email me. ;>

Nadine said...

The header is beautiful and so are your other pictures.

Okay - the secret passage into my room would freak me out. Did she give you a discount.

Knitting Mania said...

Oh my...your new header photo is stunning, I feel like I can just walk through the door and be in the shop. How did you get your photo so large, you need to share your tips!! Great tour, Oooh maybe someday with you. ;)

Rosy Inspiration said...

Oh! I'm looking forward to more for sure. I really really enjoyed this post, you see, I'd love to visit England one day, especially all the oh-so-quaint places. It's funny to read now about the B&B owner coming through the secret passage into your room, but I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. I love Lady Grey Tea as well, although Earl Grey is my top favourite. Your cutie pie (sidebar photos)is absolutely adorable and photogenic!

Gardengirl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I always love to meet other bloggers. I hope that you get your
Magnolia tree because they are truly magnificent.
The pictures in your post are beautiful. I love old buildings and gardens that look like they have been there forever. One day I hope we can visit Europe and see for ourselves it's beauty. Thanks for the tour.

Sara said...

So lovely! I'll be back to see more. This is one place I've GOT to visit! I love the Cotswolds and I've never even set foot there. So I shall feast my eyes as you continue your tour.


Nicholas said...

well... I will be in Europe soon! :-)

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

What a perfect place to spend an anniversary! Your photos are stunning...I love every single one of these photos and would love to see more. It looks so enchanted....there is nothing to match a quaint English village for pretty charm.....

Looking forward to more photos and thank you so much for sharing these.


Alice said...

I loved the tour and can't wait for more. Isn't it funny to think that to the people who live there, this is what "normal" looks like.

DeeDee said...

What an incredibly wonderful place to visit...your photos of the Manor and gardens are breathtaking...the secret entrance would have upset me a little as well...:) ..just gorgeous!!! Love your new header...Dee Dee

Jean said...

Lovely photos--I so want to see the English countryside one day!Everything looks so storybook-ish.

Marina Capano said...

wow!!!! I love you photos! amazing place!

Lisa said...

Wow, I would be in heaven here. Beautiful...

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