Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogging Buddies are the Best!

Look what arrived in the mail today! Sara you are so very sweet! The avocado's arrived in perfect condition, and so did the book! I can't wait to start reading it tonight.

I had been working all day in the week I will show you my "Iris Carnage". To say the least, I think I have out done Pappy's day at the gym. My gardening has been an All WEEK project. Sorry Pappy I do feel your pain ;0) Anyways when my husband came home, he picked up this package from the mail. I just happen to be making chicken enchilada's for dinner. I had asked him to pick up an avocado when he stopped at the store. After I opened up this lovely box, and we saw these giant gorgeous avocados....he remembered he forgot the avocado. Good thing!

These looked so beautiful, I decided to try doing some photography with them in honor of Sara. Now all I know how to do is point and click really...

They just happened to look really cute on my new place mats.

One of them was just barely I made some yummy salsa with just one half...these were big avocados!

The enchilada's were extra special tonight! Thanks to Sara. Oh did I mention she grows these on her own tree.

Lots of folks mention Puddin Toes in their here is our baby in summer bliss!

I am enjoying summer so much, and having this little precious girl to share it with is making it so very, very special !


Knitting Mania said...

Awww how nice is that...fresh home grown avacado's. And a book from that author you've been mentioning. What a wonderful and blessed surprised Sis!

Puddin Toes looks so happy splish-splashing away in her pool at your house. ;)

Great photo's!!!!

Strider said...

Does Sara live in FL.? I did some work down there several years ago. That was the first time I saw the giant avocado's growing in an orchard. Being in the orchard during an nice wind storm could "knock you out." The ones grown in CA are much smaller. Great post.

A Woman Who is: said...

Strider: Sara lives in CA. Did you pick up your award?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh what a nice gift!

How wonderful to be enjoying summer so much this year. Puddin' Toes is, no doubt, largely responsible. What a cutie pie!

Charm and Grace said...

What a truly scrumptious post! from the avocados all the way to Puddin Toes! What a glorious box of goodies to receive from Sara...I must find this Sara wtih the avocado tree in her yard. :-)

Yes, my advice to you is don't be daunted by your hubby's thinking you're nuts about your Victorias. They are worth the trouble to keep, and one day you can pass them to Puddin Toes so that she can see what genteel and beautiful things her grandmother loved.


Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sara said...

Oh, I'm so glad they arrived never know.

I have bad news about my avocado tree however; a fungus has started attacking the two or three hundred fruits that are still hanging on the tree; they are getting black spots that are soft, and falling to the ground and smashing in that spot; then they don't ripen properly. I threw away about 100 of them last week. Yikes!

But I'm so glad you were able to eat one right away....your dinner looks yummy!

I only inherited this tree when we bought the house 24 years ago; all I do is pick them; I can't really claim to grow them!

I think you will really enjoy the book; it's one of my EG favorites and she patterned the story after her mother's family, who were from the Isle of Guernsey!

Tom Zawacki said...

Avocado!! Yum!


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Those avocados look fantastic. And your placemats are beautiful. I was in a second hand bookshop yesterday but no luck (yet!) in finding Elizabeth Goudge. Let us know what you think of the book, I can hardly wait to start reading this author, on so many recommendations.

How very nice of Sara to send you those!

Puddin toes, as ever, is cuteness personified....!

The Texican said...

I'm making partial movements with my arms today. I think after I use the weed eater later, I should be loosened up. Nice avocados and tasty looking goodies. Something is smelling good in Bebe's kitchen tonight. Pappy

A Woman Who is: said...

Sara aaah I was trying so hard last night to figure out what island they were on?

L.L. it seems these E.G books are harder to come by these days. Just today I hit another used bookstore to no avail. Sara recommends B.N. used book section on line. Problem for me was that they don't give any descriptions of the books. I have one more library close to here that I am going to try.

Pappy Yeah your arms have movement...that is so great ;0)

L.L one more thing, I have only read three of E.G.’s books but so far she reminds me of a female version of Zane Grey at the end of the Victorian era in Europe. She writes such lovely descriptions of places and then the characters get so well developed you can’t help but fall in love with them all.

Eve said...

Those just happen to be Billy's favorite so I am sending him a pic of them for his wallpaper. He will love it. You got a wonderful shot.

The children look so happy playing in the pool.

I wonder if I could grow an avacoda tree. I love them but not sure if they would grow in zone 9. I might not be tropical enough. They are showed of in a grand style with your lovely place mats.

Dianna said...

i was here!!!!
I am an avocado girl, too!

nanatrish said...

What a neat surprise! That was cool how your husband forgot the avocado and then there they were. God is so good. Your food looks yummy. Pudding Toes is really growing! She looks like she loves her pool.

Barbara said...

Oh! I'm jealous. I love reading about Sara's Avodacos.
Probably even more jealous about the Elizabeth Goudge book!!!!!!! Not really I a m pleased for you.

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