Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is blooming in my garden right now...


I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have visited my blog and left such encouraging comments...if I haven't had a chance to visit your blog yet...please be patient...I want to pay everyone a visit when I can!

Being gone for less than a week has taken a bit of catching up. I know many of my friends out there are also busy...hey it is summer time and we need to enjoy all that this season has to offer.

My garden also needs a tremendous amount of attention. Here is what is blooming right now.

First of all on my header is a Star Gazer Lilly. I am pretty excited about it. This is the first garden I have had success with these lilies. They are on a protected north side. Our heat here can be very rough on certain plants, so this feels like a lovely success to me. They don’t seem to last very long in flower because of the heat, but I am thrilled they are blooming and healthy.

Endless Summer Hydrangea







Double Hollyhocks

Day lily in bud


Esther said...

Take it from someone who used to work in a flower shop - your garden blooms are GORGEOUS! I enjoyed stopping by.

Jen(n) said...

That Mandevilla is beautiful. I bet my house in heaven has something like that all around it!

Loved the pictures from the beach. The ocean is always my favorite place to visit... especially when there are few people around!

The Texican said...

Bee-utiful. I'll bet the bees love you. Those are some lovely specimens. Pappy

CIELO said...

Ahhhh, I knew it... I knew it!... came here to check on your garden, and look what I've found! Yes, your garden is looking gorgeous and I know that pretty soon it will even look better that your other garden (which I was totally in love with), so keep up the good work!!.....



Strider said...

Nice pic's. When are you going to do a blog about Dan's new wall? :-)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Your garden is gorgeous and your photographs are wonderful!

The babe is nine months old already? How'd that happen?! She's so adorable...she truly is!

Barb said...

Gorgeous! I would love to walk in your garden.


Dee Dee said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! How your garden does grow so beautifully....Your Mandevilla is just gorgeous my friend...I know your happy to get back to your garden....welcome home...:)

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Your flowers are so gorgeous! I love them. Please drop by my blog. I have something for you. Love ya, Trish :)

Hannah said...

Lovely pictures! Thank you so much for your comment, you are so sweet! Feel free to use any pictures on my blog.

Love you Cindy :)


FancyHorse said...

Your flowers are beautiful. Thanks for letting me visit your garden!

Sara said...

Thank you for the tour of your garden delights....and I can almost smell those fragrant Stargazer lilies....almost!

Make mine pink said...

Gorgeous pics, girlfriend!!! Everything looks lovely!! And Strider's comments reminds me....did you get the wall up?????

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

In A Garden, these are simply splendid, what can I say, you take such excellent care of your garden and blooms like crazy! I especially like the bright and vivid.

I loved looking at these.

MARIA said...

I am jealous.

With love

Judy said...

There's nothing quite like walking theough someone else's garden...all the enjoyment and none of the work! Beautiful flowers.

About the raspberries...we think they may be Skeena, but the people we got them from weren't sure. We used to grow Skeenas commercially and they looked just like the ones we have in our garden. They are large, firm...pull off the stem easily and are a bright red colour. Try won't be sorry!

Sara said...

Thanks for your comment....I'll be eager for next spring to come so I can see photos of your new wisteria...I hope it decides to put out blooms right away! That's wonderful.

Re EG's books, I've found the best place to find them is online -'s "used books" section always has several on offer, in many varying prices. I recently was able to find a hardback copy of Island Magic to replace the tattered old paperback, which I still have (I can't bear to throw it out, would you like to have it?)

nanatrish said...

Thank you so much for the very kind words about my art. I will be praying for you and you pray for me. It's hard sometimes to give myself permission to do things that I enjoy so much. I know the Lord wants me to be happy, but for some reason I struggle with letting myself just enjoy. Art gives me pleasure and Steviewren and I have started something where every week now we are going to post on Sundays our latest project. That gives me a goal and now tomorrow will be our first week. If you would like to join us it would be great! I guess I need some accountability. Let me know. I didn't know you taught art. You go girl! I got the book you were talking about Scribbling in the Sand and I am looking forward to it. Have you read any books by Julia Cameron? Later, trish

A Woman Who is: said...

nanatrish: no, but I will check her out. That sounds fun about the Sunday thing. I will try to join you next week on that. I am very slow in getting things done. I start a lot of projects but don't always finish. But maybe a progress report would be okay!

Sara: you’re a jewel!

Judy: Thank you so much for the heads up on the raspberry plants. I really appreciate your grower’s knowledge.

Maria: don't be jealous, as Strider pointed out to me, the rest of the garden doesn’t look so great. Just some individual blooms.

Cielo: thanks for cheering me on...I do miss my old garden at times...

Strider: re the wall, I don't think it is all that interesting a subject to blog on, but I will do something on it...for you men folks

Make Mine Pink: yes it is done; just need to get the gates picked out and placed.

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words this week. I loved hearing from all of you!

Knitting Mania said...

Oh Sis, your blooms are spectaular!!! Can't wait to see your garden the end of August...looking forward to our visit....miss you!

Barbara said...

So pretty and I can almost smell them.

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