Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Love the Smell of Old Books!

I had a fun little adventure on my vacation that had to do with an on going search for some copies of Elizabeth Goudge (1900-1984) books, that my friend Sara had introduced me too. I have read the only 3 books that they still have at my local library. I was sad to realize that the library had gotten rid of the many, many titles that this author had penned.

So when I was visiting the quaint seaside town of Canon Beach, I was seeing signs all over town for a library book sale, which made me think of E.G. books. So I quickly checked out the two used book stores in town to no avail. Both books stores had not even heard of this author. When I went to preview the library sale, I was told by a woman there that they had no E.G. books. That in fact her daughter had already asked about them.

Well the day of the sale was the 4th of July, and we were already in town for the 11:00 am parade. The sale was beginning at 9:00 am and it was going to close during the parade. Since we had showed up early to get parking and a spot on the parade route, I left my family and decided to take a look for myself around the sale. When I got there I could not believe all the folks crowed into this little library. People had cardboard boxes and plastic crates with them. I was shocked seeing the books fly off the shelf. Well I squeezed my way in and did some searching for my E.G. books...nothing there. So I thought while I am here I will take a peek around. Pretty soon, I was wishing I had one of those crates :] I ended up buying two armfuls of books myself. It seemed the children’s section had not been raided yet, and I found to my delight some lovely old copies of some of my childhood favorites for Puddin Toes. Oh she probably won't even like smelly old books somebody said...but I didn't care...some child along the way might love these. And just maybe I can share this love of old classic books someday with her.

Louisa May Alcott for Puddin Toes!
C.S. Lewis, and Frances Hodgson Burnett

I took a peek at the garden section and one lady was scooping up a lot of the newer books, but I was after the oldies anyway. I was delighted with what I found here too. One book I am reading now called Woman Gardeners...all the ladies of note who have been involved and had a voice in gardening are represented in this book....Vita Sackville-West, Penelope Hobhouse, Rosemary Verey, (whose garden I should show you all this week) Louise Beebe Wilder, Gertrude Jekyll, and many more, I have not heard of. The book is broken into different sections of these woman giving their advice on anything from a single plant, to color schemes, gardening practices, designing and so on and so on. I love this kind of reading :)

I am looking forward to this read...The "Fragrant Path "by Louise Beebe Wilder , I already have "Color in My Garden"

I also found a book of short novels, by Colette. I have only read Gigi, so these might be interesting too.

The best thing about my finds was that the total cost of my shopping spree came to $19.00 ! Most of the books were a dollar a piece. It was a fun adventure and one I will be enjoying the benefits of for a while. I can’t help but smell these old books and be reminded of my childhood, spending a rainy Saturday afternoon with my Dad, as he and I perused the old town Stoughton Library together finding many, many treasures to take home and read. My dad’s love of reading certainly impacted me for a lifetime, I can only hope to pass on this love of reading to the next generation by example as my dad did !

Oh and one more wonderful thing came out of my adventure, I was sharing this story with Sara, and she is sending me an extra copy of one of her Elizabeth Goudge books, Island Magic! How special is that?

Thanks you so much Sara for your kindness!


Adla said...

Hi :)

thanks for dropping by Vintage Delights. Yes sure I will let you in on some of my favourite shopping spots in Jakarta for home decor. There is a suburb called Kemang and a road called Jalan Kemang Timur which is lined with knick knacky shops, you can get furniture custom made there. On this particular road you will also find a number of home furnishing shops, wonderful to wander around in and shop till you drop.If its antiques you are after mainly the oriental or Dutch inspired sort, then your daughter should head down to Jalan Surabaya in a suburb called Cikini.Wherever it is you are in Jakarta just remember you have to haggle at least half the price of whats being offered. Hope that helps and happy shopping!If I can be of any other help, feel free to email me at vintagedelights at gmail dot com.

By the way, you have such green fingers . I'm in such admiration of all the beautiful plants in your garden

cheers, Adla

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

This post delights me! For one thing, since I was at a book sale this week where I bought nothing, I am so glad that you found so many wonderful treasures from your childhood and even some gardening books.

I love the smell of the cottage when it's first opened and I love that old book smell, too. Does that mean we love the smell of miledew and must? :D It might be why you love the gardening and the earth, too!

The Texican said...

I leave a lot of books lying around too WWI. It makes me look smart. I need all the help I can get. Pappy

Strider said...

I didn't know Al was an avid reader! The smell of old books....reminds me visiting the old town library in Brewster when I was growing up.....I didn't read many of the books...but I did like the smell of the old hard bound books.

A Woman Who is: said...

Strider: My dad averaged 4-5 books a week as long as I knew him. Read the paper everyday, kept up on politics. He loved historical novels. He was always suggesting authors to me. In high school he got me to read some James A. Michener, War & Peace, Dr. Zhivago, Great Expectations….He was the reason I ended up reading many of the classics… He was always concerned about the injustices of the world. Whether it was Hitler, the Roman Empire, the famine in Ireland, the IRA or how badly the United States treated the American Indians. He loved reading about political figures, and the old west. His later passions were anything written by John Grisham, Tom Clancy... He kept bugging me to read a Grisham book, because of how well written they were. I finally found one that the subject matter was more to my taste called “Skipping Christmas”. It was very good; I believe the movie “Christmas with the Kranks” was based off of it. Anyways I could go on and on. My dad was a very avid reader to say the least!

Pappy: We all know you don't just read books...I wouldn't be surprised if you were a published author.

To All: Sara got me thinking about all the books I have read…go to her blog and do her exercise on the top 100 books, you might be surprised, I know I was.

Dianna said...

One of my treasures is a copy of Little Men, over 100 years old. I love oldies, too!

Make mine pink said...

I bought a bunch of old books this past week, too! I LOVE books - and it's so fun to get them for cheap because you can risk reading them. I just found this wonderful mystery writer from the 40's and am just loving his books! How fun!

PS stop by my blog and look at the latest picture.....ugh!!!!

Barb said...

All those books for $12.00. My favorite thing to do as a child was to read. It still is. There is nothing better than a rainy day and a book.

Enjoy your books.


A Woman Who is: said...

Dianna: Wow...100, now that is old, mine just smell old :]

Barb: You made me think $12.00? I went back and recalculated, and it was $19.00. Most of the books were a dollar a piece, but Colette was $3.00 and some were $2.00. I bought them in two batches, and my math sucks :}

Nadine said...

Old books are wonderful - I call them classic. Like some movies classic get better with time. I'm sure Puddin Toes will love hearing these stories read to her by grandma.

Knitting Mania said...

Morning, first, your header photo is amazing, gorgeous!

Yup you and Dad the readers in the family...too bad I didn't get any of those genes...Happy reading!

Judy said...

Now that was one successful shopping spree! I love old books also...and always snoop around at quaint bookshops while on vacation. It seems everyone is after the oldies though...because I never find bargains like yours!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Oh how I love posts about books! And you came across some real finds here. You may also want to read Puddin Toes a biography of L.M. Alcott some day; she had a fascinating life.

I have read a number of the novellas of Colette; and thoroughly enjoyed them. She knew how to plumb the depths of a woman's secret self...

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I think that must have been an exciting adventure. I love books and have a couple of hundred on the bookcases here beside my bed. I'm so glad you got such good ones. Remember we will both we looking at each other for our Sunday reveal! Love, Trish

Alice said...

I'm so lucky that my mother is a librarian. She not only gives me just released books before anyone else but she always looks through the donated books and ones they are removing from the shelves for ones I might enjoy.

Precious Puddin' Toes with a flower in her hair. And doesn't she have the cutest little ears!

Dee Dee said...

Oh my...I love old books too. I seem to have them in groups everywhere. I'm especially fond of older children's books. You've selected some of my favorite writers...Now and them I go to estate sales...I usually head toward the bookshelves first thing...a lovely post my friend :)

Barbara said...

Oh yes it is such fun to find these sales. A favourite of mine.

We visited Knole House a place associated with Vita Sackville-West yesterday. Will post eventually.

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