Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Giving Thanks Creates a Grateful Heart

I am really enjoying this seemingly little exercise of the "Giving Thanks Challenge." We all know that of course we have so much to be thankful for. And this exercise may seem a bit simplistic in its practice. But it is not! Cultivating a grateful heart by simply giving some attention to the blessings that float around us on a daily basis I think deposits into us something deeper than we are aware of. It changes our hearts and our mindsets that truly give us a spirit of freedom on so many levels. It gives us a chance to really see not just with our eyes, but with our spirit. I have been sharing alot with the Interns this fall about mind sets. How so many of our battles as Christians are fought on that front. Taking the time to just simply thank Him, affords a direct deposit into our spirit. It gives us a mindset that is truly more eternally based then the temporal stuff that wants to take us down if we let it on a daily basis. This exercise is helping me to keep my heart and mind accountable to Him. The most high God, the eternal everlasting God, the one who placed His imprint on my soul, my mind, my being! I am finding that my prayers to Him are bubbling up with much more thanksgiving and praise than before I started this simple little exercise. This week we started our prayer time with the Interns with a time of thanksgiving. What a release we all had during that prayer session I believe because we followed a pattern and a principal addressed in the Psalms to "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise."

The Psalms are full of praise and thanksgiving. I would like to challenge myself and those of you that are reading this post and perhaps those of you that are already doing the G.T.C. to add to this challenge a time each day to read aloud one thanksgiving type Psalms from now until Thanksgiving. Lets see if our mindsets and our outlook on earthly things could perhaps be taken up to a different level. I must say the other side benefit I am noticing is that I can't help but be encouraging to those around me. And how fun is that!

Psa 100:1-5 A thanksgiving psalm.

On your feet now--applaud GOD!
Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence.
Know this: GOD is God, and God, GOD. He made us; we didn't make him. We're his people, his well-tended sheep.
Enter with the password: "Thank you!" Make yourselves at home, talking praise. Thank him. Worship him.
For GOD is sheer beauty, all-generous in love, loyal always and ever.



MARIA said...

"Giving Thanks Creates a Grateful Heart" - beautiful title, beautiful challenge. I will do that. I am thankful I met you! God bless!

Nadine said...

You're right. It's a good thing to remember the goodness of God. It's good to have a thankful heart.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Wow! You can tell that I was having trouble this morning with my list. I sat there twiddling my thumbs and then John walked in his hand extended and in it some Doublemint. LOL! I think I need to accept your challenge!

Word Verification: plopo

I'm taking that as a sign that I can go plop oh probably on the sofa oh.

Have a great day!

Alice said...

I know you write directly from your heart and what a huge heart it is. I love and am always inspired by your words. Always so beautiful, guiding but never critical and most importantly full of joy and love of the Lord. You have such a gift and I wonder if you'll write a book one day. I'm going to follow your advice and read with my husband a thanksgiving Psalm until our holiday.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Praise the Lord for all our blessings! I love this post. David had so much praise in the Psalms and I love reading those wonderful songs of praise. We have been so blessed as a nation and people. I have personally been so blessed. I have people that love me, my Lord that saved me, more than I need. Some days when I look at Avery I feel so blessed and grateful for my grandchild. The Lord gave me so much with her. We have our friends and loved ones. So many people are so alone. Praise His wonderful name!!

krystyna said...

What a beautiful idea!
God bless you and your beautiful family!

Lavinia said...

I'm sure all those whom you are encouraging, are benefiting from that encouragement. We never know when a kind word we offer may swing the tide and give another the cheer and impetus to overcome obstacles, get back on the straight path, or just get through the day.

Barbara said...

Give thanks with a grateful heart, one of my favourite songs.

We are to give thanks in all things knowing it His will for us.

Praise and thanksgiving the most important aspect of prayer.

Amen and Amen.

I have to admit I am a little jealous that you are able to put up so many photos of Puddin Toes.

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