Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks Challenge

Latest P.T. Photo...See my daughter's webpage on side bar Twinkle Toes
she does some beautiful work!

Bloggin Friends

Just wanted to post my Thanksgiving Challenge before I removed it from the sidebar. I have been having some pesky computer problems...hope to be back to posting and commenting soon. I think it is a problem with Explorer. Hubby tried another fix tonight. It started with spam & pop-ups and has gone down hill from there. I can't seem to make one comment without Explorer shutting me down. So hang in there with me till we get it fixed. I still will be reading your posts when I can.

( I just got shut down in the middle of this post...not might be awhile till we actually wipe the hard drive and start over...errrrrh)

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time; spent with family and good know who you are! Love ya

I am thankful for...
that my son made it home for T.G. and that we are all together
the body of Christ
the Holy Spirit leading, guiding, and revealing the truth.
God teaching me about "Unforced Rythmns of Grace"
the gift of friends
health and wholeness returning back to my body
my precious family
Sunday brunch with my family
the Kingdom of God..righteousness, peace, and joy
God, and to the Word of His grace, which is able to build me up
a husband who takes care for me when I am sick
the many men and women who have fought for our country
the creativity gene being passed on to my children
Young people who run after God!
The freedom to gather and pray with other believers
A new grandbaby on the way!
For the freedom to vote
God's faithfulness
An exceptional fall


Alice said...

That is a beautiful portrait of Puddin'Toes but it would be difficult to take a bad picture of that little sweetie. I'm enjoying so much watching her grow through pictures. Her hair is really growing fast now and her little chin has popped more baby face but a big girl face.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

This was such a good suggestion from Leah to put these in a post to save.

That picture of Puddin' Toes is beyond lovely! Your photographer daughter has a great subject in her own little girl.

Ugghhh about computer troubles. Hope you and your hubby are able to get them worked out soon.

Maree said...

I've been a lurker from time to time since I have your blog posted on my sidebar...when that precious face popped up...oh my goodness what an angel is she! Beautiful baby!

I'm a Grammy too...Sam adopted from Russia, Leah adopted from China....2 more on the way, one by way of China, another by way of the hospital (I hope!)

Anyway, I know how you feel about this doll baby...and I wanted to say, hi!


Strider said...

Well, at least that is a better excuse than being hooked on the politics and stuff!!!! Your computer problems seem to be running in the family. Hmmmm, I wonder if there is a message there!

a woman who is said...

Strider: I have been using Safari tonight and no problems...I am now thinking it is just an Explorer issue.

Thank you Jesus!

MARIA said...

What a Great Photo!
Excellent work!
And of course she is Very Pretty!

God bless you and your whole family!

Barbara said...

How frustrating yur computer problems. Hope they are all fixed soon.

Puddin Toes photo looks like a porcelain doll. So pretty and beautiful skin or did your photographer daughter touch u p the skin.

Painting project looks good.

a woman who is said...

Yes Barbara, she PhotoShop the picture, I thought the same thing that she looks like a porcelain doll. She enhanced the eyes too.

nanatrish said...

Just like Barbara said, "She looks like a porcelain doll." She is a beautiful child and I always think of my little Avery at that age. I love your list of things you are thankful for. We are so blessed and I don't think we have much of anything to complain about. Our God is so good to us! I pray you continue to have a wonderful season. Love ya, Trish

CIELO said...

She is too too cute! ;) And by the way, I'd love to extend an invitation: The House in the Roses is having a party!.... Come to the “World of Treasures” and show your lovely treasures…. Come see what all about!



Maree said...


I left a little award for you on my blog...I know you are having computer issues and the rush of the season and all, so please don't worry about the giving it back out. We can call it honorary ;-)

Your blog is lovely and I look forward to reading many more of your post!


Charm and Grace said...

Wow... PT couldn't be more precious. If she stays this gorgeous you'll all have to keep her under lock and key! Your daughter is VERY talented.

Loved this post combining all your thanksgiving items. So much for which to be thankful! Hate to hear you're still coughing after weeks... I am still trying to shake this nastiness. Thanks so much for the kind words.


Knitting Mania said...

Loving the new header photo of PT and the Mr. Great photo sis, I've been enjoying all of PT's latest pics on is she getting big or what? Love the coat btw...did you find that for her?

Hope your getting all your Christmas stuff done and not stressing.

Hugs...miss you!

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