Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Harvest in the Yakima Valley

This will be at least a two part series. I have taken quite a few pictures of the grape harvest in the Yakima Valley this fall.

It has become a tradition in our marriage to take my husband on a weekend get way at the fiscal year end of the company he works for, which also coincides with his birthday! Basically from August on, we can't even think about a vacation because of a very heavy work load.

This year we took a short jaunt over to the next valley for a little weekend tour of wine country. We spent a night at The Cozy Rose Inn.
Breakfast served by the fireplace the next morning.I know I have shared the data here before, but we have a gillion wineries in this region. We have never really taken much time to explore this growing industry here in our own backyard. I believe the oldest vineyard is only 27 years old, but things are booming here in wine country. We are apparently on the same latitude as some very famous French appellations...anyways enough said about all that.

Here is some of the scenery we saw on our trip.

These grapes were in a display garden of a rather large winery called Goose Ridge heading out of town.
These next few shots are from a newly named but small appellation called Red Mountain.

I think what is so fascinating, is that we live in a high desert plattue, and only with the wonder of irrigation from our rivers are we able to grow anything but what you see here in the foreground.

Here is the view from Hedges Family Estate on Red Mountain.

As you can see here in this picture the vineyards sometimes go right on up our surrounding hills/mountains.

Here is an entrance to a fairly new winery called Chandler''s Reach. What a beautiful new facility and a lovely view.

We took a break from touring wineries at a little motorcycle shop in town...I told him to buy it!!!!

Part II....Harvest Day


CIELO said...

Oh my dear, I love this post! So much beauty! I love it! What an awesome place! and your new blog banner is beautiful.... are those grapes from your vines???? I tell ya, winter is not totally here yet and I'm already dreaming with spring... I can hardly wait to see flowers everywhere again.... umm, I think this is going to be a very long winter for me... ;)

Have a great day, Cindy!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

and did he? :D

Such beautiful country and so different from anything that I ever usually see. Thanks for sharing your corner!

Knitting Mania said...

Danny's looking good on that bike!

Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend, such a pretty place.

Lavinia said...

Incredibly beautiful and scenic. I love the little fountain. Did you enjoy the wines you tasted that day? I'm certain you did. Look at the froth on that fresh squeezed orange juice. What a lovely getaway!

Charm and Grace said...

I love the new header picture and it makes me me think of the painting "Abundance" that I painted not long ago. Dark grapes, heavy on the vine and ripe for picking, set against the greens, golds, and browns of the leaves are a very beautiful sight. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures of the vineyard!


a woman who is said...

Cielo: I too am already dreaming of spring...fall is usually not my favorite because it ends the growing season...I still have some planting to do...bulbs, shrubs

Vee: I am so completely aware of that having grown up in New England...I still miss the beauty of the East Coast especially during the fall.

Lavinia: We certainly did!

Charm&Grace: I am taking these photos with paintings in mind...I will have to go look for you painting. I am sure it is gorgeous.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the scenery and happy birthday to Hubby.

Leah in Iowa said...

I just stopped over to see how your Giving Thanks list was coming, and my goodness - my socks are blown completely off! I LOVE THIS PLACE!! You have such a great blog and great photos, cute kids and grandkids, and your views on life and politics certainly line up with mine. I'll be back often - I promise. I am so glad you found me, and that I found you back! =)

~ Leah

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

This is such a neat post! Beautiful pictures. My husband has a Kawasaki. Hope everything is fabulous in your world.

Strider said...

I thought Chandlers Reach was the one off the freeway by benton city. It looks nice. Great pictures.....did "the man" buy it?

a woman who is said...

Strider: Chandlers Reach is off the highway, we need to go sometime.

The man was stunned into silence when I said buy it...I think I gave him such a shock. Perhaps he has another model in mind, no doubt it goes faster!!!! :[

krystyna said...

You created an amazing, lovely place. Love it: "time began in garden....". It is the truth.

This post is Spectacular. Beautiful Paradise!
It is very nice to be here.

Happy Birthday to your husband!
What a great idea to be together in such beautiful Paradise.

God bless!

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