Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Speed Dial?

Yes I feel like my life has been on speed dial lately. I am trying to catch up on blogs in between all the hoopla =] I love that word hoopla. When I say that to my students they look at me like I am so "Old School". Well I am old school ha! And I plan on revelling in it. I have always been a little anxious to get to a certain age...not this middle age stuff, but old enough to be completely eccentric and get away with it. Oh which reminds me of this wonderful painting I saw a few years ago. It was done by this locally famous artist who had taught watercolor in our area for years, some simple type Georgia O'Keeffe style water color flowers. Interesting but not my thing. One day I was grabbing a coffee at Starbucks and saw this painting in the gallery window next door and it simply captured my heart! The theme of the two sisters or that's how I thought of these women immediately spoke to me. They definitely seemed like intimate friends anyway. The vibrancy of the colors and the way these colors were used. Admittedly so this photo is extremely poor with the glass reflection. Let me see if I can blow up some of the areas where the colors go insane.

Well I know this is not so good on the Internet here. Back to my train of though...the lady at the gallery told me this artist was now in retirement and she felt she could really let go and just do what pleased her. No more painting for the crowd. Matter of fact this gallery owner had to beg her to let them show her new work in the gallery. It was such a transformation of style. From palish watery water colors to bright bold acrylics. I was so inspired. I kept starring at this picture trying to figure out how she managed to put all these crazy colors next to each other in the same painting, heck in the same strokes and made it work. Ahhh yes an old dog can definitely learn new tricks. Or at least step out of the BOX!

Okay so if you are still reading my ramblings...kind of how my life has been going...back to the hoopla.

For those of you who may have been wondering how I have been doing with Jenna Dear gone. Just fine! I have been too busy to notice...sorry Jenzie. Dan went back to work last week and I had a very dear friend come and spend the week with me. We had all kinds of fun. She came to Interns with me and taught the kids a great lesson on the fly. We did a word study together, went shopping and made Thai food. I helped her start a blog. I will introduce her blog to you all as soon as she publishes her first post. She will be kind of like a female version of Strider to those of you that followed that dear friend. I think? We did a little vineyard touring of the Yakima Valley. We ate Greek olives and feta cheese for snacks. Oh and we whipped up her famous gnocchi sauce one night...mmmm delish. We were going to do some painting but ran out of time. The visit was perfect timing for both of us. Her daughter recently left town for a new adventure and we both did not want to sit around and mope.

My roses and pre season garden work has just been completed as of 7:00 this evening. And basically I have been on stand by for my new little granddaughter. It seems she may be making an early show of it. With six weeks to go Megan has been showing early signs of labor. P.T. was two weeks early. So I am trying to help keep Meg off her feet. Lots of nesting going on at her place =) We are praying Sweet Pea will stay put a few more weeks in momma's tummy.

Update: Last night my son-in-law had an emergency appendectomy...oiy vay! He is doing great and on his way home now. I better get P.T. home and to bed. We are all a little pooped out :]


Vee said...

Never a problem to read your ramblings. So what odd and great and eccentric thing are you planning anyway? Will your garden take a wild swing?

Praying that Meg doesn't have any more early signs of labor and that the new baby will arrive on schedule and not too early.

I really hope that Jenna doesn't read this. It could be a problem to find out that mom has a rich, full life.

Yay for Dan returning to work!

Strider said...

Hey....."Esta" may take offense at comparing her with me!!!!!!

Sara said...

Love your "ramble" here! Oh, and I SO agree with you....I too am a bit anxious to reach that age where eccentricity is "okay." Hey, but why not now? I'm coming round to this way of thinking more and more.

Please tell your dear friend, Strider, I appreciate his occasional visits and comments on my blog. I have no way to reach him. It's great to hear from him now and then.

Love your next post too....let's go buy ourselves a red hat (well, I could have started wearing one years ago - isn't the age 50?)

Knitting Mania said...

Wow all this and we just spoke...my goodness sis...hope Tyler is okay. What next!!!

Off to read your recent post......

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