Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Gardening

For some crazy reason I am planting purple this year...seriously I was not thinking about my previous post.

My subconscious must be speaking to me ya think? lol

Tonight my skin feels a little warm and tight. You know that feeling when you have been out in the yard all day...a little sun on your skin, some tired achy muscles. Oh the glorious smell of the earth and sunshine. P. T. joined us for the first part of the day. She came in the house when Megan brought her over saying "Outside, outside, outside Nana". So stinking cute. She raked and weeded, and kept trying to pick up my pruner's which I kept laying down by mistake. "Whattus that whattus that"? She rattled off in succession every minute or so =) She learned how to use her new watering can today. When it was time to come inside and eat lunch I had to convince her that we didn't water inside.

She received this gardening gear from my dear friend last week.

We started out our Saturday morning by enjoying our coffee outside in the bright sunshine on the back porch wrapped in a blanket, listening to all the birds singing, watching a pair of geese that are nesting in the springs behind our place come in for a landing, and a distinctive white hawk circling around the prairie behind our house probably looking for was a very good day!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Purple pansies...and Puddin' Toes all decked out in mauve..and a weekend of puttering out in the garden...does it get any better than that? My garden needs someone to get puttering real soon.

Barbara said...

How cute is Puddin Toes.
Cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday.
Pop to Janie's and you will see a rare photo which is not staying posted for long.

nanatrish said...

What a most wonderful way to spend a day! Little puddin toes is growing so fast. She is adorable. My granddaughter loves plants and has all of them inside named. She talks to them and clips off the dead leaves. Her mommy has a green thumb but not me. I'm glad Avery enjoys gardening so much. God is so good to us!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Won't she be excited when 'her' flowers tart to bloom.
Precious moments!!

Lavinia said...

Look at puddin toes, the littlest gardener....her little ponytail is just too cute, ditto the gardening gloves. What a cutie she is!

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