Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Hot Here!!!

Puddin Toes thought the doggy deserved a nice refreshing drink too on the Fourth of she shared :D
Our temps are hitting the low 100's and I am desperately trying to figure out how to put in a small tiny pool that does not cost a fortune. I am missing my pool from our old house. So is Megan with the babies. In this climate you just have to have some water to cool off in. I am looking into some kind of lap pool or even a small spa type thing. I don't want all the jets just something to dip in.

We weeded our veggie garden this weekend early in the day before the heat came on, and topped it off with some organic mulch. Everything is starting to take off. Somethings like my tomatoes are very happy in the heat :] Flowers...not so much. The roses are definitely sleeping :( I can't wait to taste my heirloom tomatoes I planted for the first time this year!

The lilies have been blooming and the hydrangea

Our good friends I mentioned a few posts ago have arrived and are getting settled in Lyon. Karen is starting to blog about her adventure. She has mixed emotions about this whole transition in her life. So if you get a chance pop on over and say hi.

She could probably use some blog friends right about now. It all looks so charming to me. But of coarse I am not the one making the move. She has found a little garden spot near by, some place she can go for solace and beauty. It reminded me of Lavinia and all her lovely spots of peace she has found around her city. She told me it was a sign from God :) when they discovered right around the corner from their apartment there was a Starbucks :]
Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed July 4th celebration!


Maree said...

Your girls are so, so cute!

Your garden is lovely...makes me miss mine.

We moved in January and have not been able to put in much of a garden since they are putting in new sewers in the whole neighborhood. My back yard looks like a giant mole went to work back there. So I really enjoy blogs that share their gardens!

I can't stand the heat! Have to deal with it for a while though. It rained here on the 4th but that didn't stop people from getting out to enjoy the day...lots of umbrellas.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So is it still hot out there? We have cooled off...considerably...these last two days. Good luck with finding the perfect miniature pool for your backyard!

Queenmothermamaw said...

Boy I wish for a pool too. Every year we say we are gonna get one, but it is here and gone before we know it. Blessings.

Vee said...

Enjoy that summer's got to be better than our leftover March weather.

Beautiful pics of your gals and the garden.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Every visit I make here, I thoroughly enjoy your photography! Your flowers are so pretty, especially the pink roses in your header...makes me smile everytime I see it. I did visit your friend and know I will find it interesting to share in her new journey of life in a new location.

Barbara said...

That pool looks divine and so cooling. I popped over to visit your friend in France too.

Lavinia said...

Oh where would I be without my lovely spots of solace throughout the city. We need them, really we do. I am glad your friend found a Starbucks.

One of my spots is a mom-and-pop cafe near where I live and I must blog about a recent experience there. I can tell you it probably would never have happened in a Starbucks but Starbucks has its own brand of charm....not to mention divine coffee!

Mom T. said...

Hi Cindy, great pictures and write ups. Bring Megan and your grandaughters over here for a swim. I would love to have you all. Ann

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