Thursday, July 30, 2009


So alright are my silly little watercolors :) These are done in a small 5x7 watercolor journal. Remember I am NOT a watercolorists hehehe...although I would like to be someday. I find this medium beyond challenging because it is not easily controlled. What I do love about water colors are how transportable they are. I have a small traveling case of colors, I grab a water bottle and voila I can do a little water color sketching on site anytime any where. This activity goes back to the days of my child hood. Every year when we went on vacation to Cape Cod my mom would bring a paint by number set for me. I was the child that actually finished those pictures. For me just to do a little something with color and paper is pure relaxation.
this year
Two years ago looking north
Haystack 2006
When we were in Portland recovering from the flu, Meg and I took Eden for a walk in the field next door to the home we were staying at (bless you Alida) Following are some wonderful shots Meg took.

I have not forgotten to share about my trip to Heirloom for those garden enthusiast out there...I will get to that later.

The mice crisis is over. We ended up catching only two before the exterminator got there. He set 4 more traps to the tune of $137.00 ...with no more mice caught...ridiculous! Anyways I have finally moved back down to the master bedroom and my nerves are settling. Thank you all for your sympathy and prayers!!! I was not actually scared of the mice themselves, I use to chop off the heads of baby rattlesnakes with a shovel when my kids were little while living in Badger Canyon. I just could not stand the thought of those filthy things creeping around my house!


Vee said...

Gosh that is expensive for not one caught mouse. Anyway, I still think a cat might be just the thing.

Those pictures of Puddin' Toes are darling. The photographer really captured some nice expressions and the spirit of a little girl on a golden summer day.

And your watercolors are completely charming. Watercolors have such a gauzy, ethereal quality.

Anonymous said...

Just read about the mice. I woulda moved out too. I hate meeces to pieces. Blessings

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Glad the critters are gone...and you can return to your sleeping quarters. Beautiful photos...of the sweetest grandgirlie.

(My word verification letters are SKERAWAI...pronounced 'scare away'...and so appropriate with all this mouse talk.)

Just a little something from Judy said...

The watercolor art you create is impressive! I like that you carry that book with you,and can bring to life what you see in front of you. Good job! The photography of that precious granddaughter of yours, is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing both with us.

Sara said...

Your watercolors are charming. I like them a lot.

And so glad to hear the mice are gone. Maya must have scared away the rest of them!

Those photographs are fantastic...each one could be framed and hung in a treasured spot.

Nadine said...

Mice - yuck! I hate them. Glad yours are gone.

Puddin Toes is getting so big.

I miss your face.

Tom Zawacki said...

Oh My Goodness, what AMAZING pictures! Simply beautiful :)

Duchess of Tea said...

Just stopped by to wish you a wonderful weekend.

Duchess xx

Lavinia said...

Puddin toes is just getting prettier and prettier...what a little beauty she is.

So glad the mice crisis is over. Unfortunately, we share our planet with so many undesirables....funny thing about mice, they are so cute in cartoons and children's books, but its a totally different matter when they are in your house.

When my daughter was young, I used to like looking through children's room decor books (actually I still do, those rooms be so beautiful). Anyway, one time I saw a photo of a delightful child's room and painted on the wall by the floor was an adorable little mouse door and a little Mouse wearing clothes and looking so cute. I wanted to copy that look but I thought..yikes...supposing that were to come true, I wouldn't really want a little Mr or Mrs Mouse in the house now would I !!

Anyway, in the summer of 2000 it happened....the mice got in. But, thanks to Mr. Exterminator, they got out again---permanently---ere long!!

Mice should stick to open fields, Disney cartoons, and nursery rhymes....

Charm and Grace said...

Yayyyyy! I am so proud of you for posting the watercolors... they are quite beautiful. Not at all silly as you said. Your kit and book are very tidy and portable. So nice for plein air painting. So glad you got the mice situation under control.


Maree said...

Love the paintings...

My mother-in-law was a wonderful artist, mostly watercolor but not restricted to that. Dick told me (I guess to calm my nerves) while on the way to meet his mom for the first time, that she painted by numbers. They all had a good laugh about that after his mom and dad found out!

Same thing happened when Dick told me his dad wore a toupee....I got caught "looking" again.

Turned out, mom could paint, dad had hair, I married Dick anyway...keeps me on my toes ;-)

Barbara said...

Glad the mice are gone and thanks for showing the watercolours. Gosh I think I have caught up now.
Love and blessings to you.

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