Friday, September 25, 2009

Inspiration woo hoo

Well it looks like this was a timely post. I to want see all your closets now???? Especially those of you that are light years ahead of me. Jill, I have to see the shoe thing? And yes I think the sleeve length thing will be incorporated into my system . I am trrrrrrying for more color too Maree. I actually tried on two burnt orangy tops....ehhh no go. My skin turns yellow with orange. So I did this fun thing and bought a scarf with all the lovely fall colors and tied it to my purse....

I was looking for a new purse, but just couldn't find anything in MY PRICE range that I loved. So I am recycling and old one out of my closet. I can't believe I am admitting this on the WWW but I have been lugging a brown purse around straight through fall, winter, spring, and summer. I kept thinking I should do something about this....but it never got to the top of the list =] Now I am back to fall again, and oh well at least I changed the style and the shade of brown lol!!!


Just a little something from Judy said...

I really like that look, and the purse! I promise that I have would have seen you out and about, that I would not have thought it odd that you carried the same purse all the seasons through. The older I guess, the less importance some of the things in life have. You gave us a great idea with the scarf!

Whenever I am typing comments on your blog, I love looking at these sweet little pictures of your granddaughter beside me.

Duchess of Tea said...

Nice bag!! Darling, I came by to wish you a lovely and sunny weekend.

Love & Hugs

Knitting Mania said...

Your styling now sista!!! Love the scarf idea...your so cute!!!


Sara said...

You have great taste in purses! I had that exact purse in black and lugged it through every season of several years until it wore out!

Anonymous said...

I guess I am in the league with Judy. I never change purses unless it is an unusual dress up occasion. Just not into worrying about those things. But the scarf is a neat idea.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Bless your heart! I have a purse thing so as soon as your blog opened up and I saw your bag sitting there I thought..Hooray. A post about purses. I am always on the hunt for the 'perfect' bag. The scarf looks cool. For me they are always too big, or too little, or the handles wrong, or they don't have the right phone compartments. In the words of a little blond girl, I want one that's just right. Your kitchen looks neat!

a woman who is said...

Sara: Are we related? lol

Nana: Ha ha I have all those same requirements, and that is why I can't find a new purse =}

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