Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Remains of the Summer

Sometimes we want our cake but can't eat it.... see last picture =)
I must apologize again to all my blogging friends, as I have not been able to get around to your blogs very much this last month or so. I have been trying to live my summer to it's fullest...and I am afraid summer has caught up with me. I still have a good full week and weekend ahead of me with many activities. I could use some prayer for endurance and health to my immune system. Just too much going on. I do hope and pray September will be more relaxing
So the hoopla for this weekend was Puddin Toes Princess Party...
Of coarse I had to go silly at the last minute and try making a princess dress. The ones in the store were generally too cheesy and too expensive. So on Friday I get this brilliant idea. ( and I must lay a little blame on Nana Trish...lol...you got me started watching "Project Runway") I bought a skirt and a shirt at Target on the sales rack. Then I went to Joann's Fabric...oh boy. All of Saturday I was stitching together this rather freakish foo foo dress...like a tinker bell prom dress with too much foo foo magic. Hahahaha....it is Eden's favorite, and that's all that counts =D
The Princess Box

and all things princess

becoming a princess

is that me

Auntie Jenna made it home for the weekend!
Princess Heidi making an appearance (a friend of Megs dressed up in an old bridesmaid dress)
Eden was in such awe she tried to give her the princess cake...so cute!
P.T. trying to eat the plastic barbie head...lol!


Just a little something from Judy said...

Love these pictures of this fun, creativity, girly party for your little princess! You keep showing more sides of your creativity, and I am impressed. You could illustrate a party book for little girl's birthdays.

Knitting Mania said...

So great to see all the photos sis. PT sure looks like she's having the time of her life at two years old.

Her cake is so darling, and all her dress up clothes. And to top it off, a real princess, how fun was that!!

Nadine said...

Love the theme. She is a little princess. Heidi looks great. Much love to everyone and Happy Birthday Puddin Toes.

Maree said...

Oh I love it! All of it! Love the princess showing up! Leah would love that, Kate is turning two in October but really hasn't caught the princess fever yet. Still I've got to have Sissy see this post!

You were very brave to take on making a fou-fou dress....so cute though.

Love our girls!

Vee said...

I enjoyed reading more of the background story...perfect gifts for a princess and as I told Christina, what a wonderful idea to have a fairy princess arrive at the party. Puddin Toes looks totally impressed with her!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Wow...you did that one up beautifully! I'm smiling at your last minute creation...it suits her to a tee. I was just scrolling back to PT's first birthday to check out the 'tu tu' you made...I have a little princess turning one shortly.

How time flies! It seems I was just rejoicing with you on her arrival...and already your princess is two. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

This was so absolutely ADORABLE! It could all be in a magazine spread. I am honored that I got you inspired through Project Runway. Your foo foo is wonderful. When she grows up and looks at these pictures she will love that her Nana was crazy about her. I, too, remember the tuu tuu from last year. She is so sweet and that party looked like a fun event. I wish I could have been there. Why are you so so far away? Happy Birthday Miss Puddin Toes!!!

Duchess of Tea said...

Take care of yourself Luv and blog as you wish. Hope things look sunnier for you soon. Your entire family is so adorable, God Bless them and give them lots of happiness.

Love & Hugs
♥ Duchess ♥

Charm and Grace said...

You are too sweet. These pictures are treasures... your little ones are just so adorable. And then those dresses! Every little girl's dream is to dress like that. I know it was for me and then for my daughter (12 now and growing out of the princess stage). :( Makes me sad. She'll get back there someday when she's older and comes to the full realitization of what it means to be a daughter of the true King.


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