Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh How He Loves Us

This is what I call a retread post. This is one of my very favorite worship songs at the moment and thanks to Maree I now know why. She posted this for Sunday along with the back story. A very special friend of mine and my family on the East coast have recently lost loved ones. Listening to the story behind why and how this very powerful song was written I hope will bring some comfort to those I love! It is about how a young man responds to God when he gets to heaven.

Listen to the song above, then listen to the story of how this song came to be!
I love how Kim Walker/Smith sings this powerful song. I met Miss Kim when she was engaged to a local boy who is friends with two of my kids. She is very quiet and kind of shy in person. Then when she opens her mouth to worship it is just! Here is a link to my original post if you want to follow it. Skyler and Kim


Maree said...

Thanks for posting...wouldn't the world be such a better place if people could crasp the love of our God!

Make mine pink said...

Oh Cindy - this is beautiful! I am so happy that I finally had time to come and visit your blog. I think I need to do something on my own...gulp! But thank you for sharing this amazing video!

Pure and lovely said...

Amazing song, I love the anointing this generation carries. It is such uninhibited worship, love, mercy, they will bring in the Glorious Church Jesus is looking for!

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