Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh Those Wonderful 2's

I couldn't resist posting this for the weekend. I stole this from Megan's blog

We made it to Kirkland this afternoon, and now we are having a nice rest in the hotel room till after Jenna gets off of work when we will take her and one of her roommates out to dinner tonight. Two hours out of Seattle at 12:00 this afternoon we saw heavy traffic coming at us. All the folks escaping the big city for the weekend. We were definitely going the right way. Hope we can time the traffic patterns for the return trip on Monday morning. Tomorrow we head up north to Marysville to attend a wedding which my son will be a candle lighter sweet is that =) We are expecting a good time reconnecting with lots of old friends. Sunday we will be hanging out again with Josh, Jenna and their friends. This is our first time over here since we dropped Jenna off last spring. Ssshh...can't wait to see what condition her room is in!

So here is Megan's story of her sweet little Puddin Toes :D

So as I was putting on makeup this morning I noticed a lull in Eden’s jabbering. I enjoyed the silence and continued grooming… when I was done I looked down to find this…..I knew the silence was too sweet. When I showed her in the mirror what she looked like she started crying saying “Scawry makeups!!!”

What really cracks me up is I think she did a pretty good job. She at least knew where the make up was to be applied...eyes and mouth. Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!


Queenmothermamaw said...

Scared me to death when I first saw that picture. I though she had fallen. Thank goodness. What a funny story.

a woman who is said...

Lol I hadn't thought of it scarring folks like that. I guess I had the story before I saw the pictures.

Knitting Mania said...

LOL..I saw these photos last night over on Megs blog. Too funny and oh so Puddin Toes!! She just wants to be like her pretty mama!!

I'm stealing the photos for my archive too!

Have a great time with Josh and Jenna. Hey...who's getting married btw??


Sara said...

Somebody was trying on mommy's makeup! But at first I thought it was chocolate syrup!

Duchess of Tea said...

Adorable, simply adorable. Darling have yourself a fabulous time!!

Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥♥♥

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am sure that I have that to look forward to in my grandparenting years. Little girls watching their mother apply is bound to happen. What a precious little face!!!

common ground said...

Hi, thanks so much for coming by my blog this week. whew, it was a hectic one. I have so enjoyed looking back through your photos of family and quality time spent together.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Charm and Grace said...

Too, too precious! Aren't girls just so much fun. Have a great Labor Day weekend!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said... cute is that? Love it.

So you are only a few hours from here. Marysville is a favorite 'pit stop' for us as we zoom south on the I5. Hope you are having a fun weekend...with the kids.

nanatrish said...

She's a beauty even with stuff on her pretty face. I, too, thought it was chocolate. They do the funniest things. She is adorable.

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