Friday, May 28, 2010

Part III Posy Walk

Come around to the backyard, my covered porch is set among the roses

favorite new peony with light pink corabell

Shropshire Lad

backyard border

trellis's filling up

Teasing Georgia

New peony still in pot Ernest Markman

Sharifa Asmara

Now I need to start picking some of my posy's and making some arrangements :)


Von said...

It's quite a spring for the roses with our bit of British weather lately!! :D

Sara said...

You have a little piece of paradise there...such a beautiful garden. I love all the color, and only wish I could be there to smell all the fragrances too.

Vee said...

Oh the bouquets you shall have this summer and one thing is certain, you know a thing or two about color and design. It's all lovely, Cindy!

melissa said...

In the background of your first photo, is that water way back there? Sure looks like it! :)

Btw, loving your flowers, so different than mine, which need to be so heat-tolerant.


taylorsoutback said...

Have just discovered your blog and all the lovely images of your garden - the Sharifa Asmara rose is breathtaking.
Thank you for taking us along as you walk through your corner of the world.

Charm and Grace said...

I have loved reading back through your recent posts... of course, the photos of roses and other garden beauties really satisfy that very visual thing in me! And I loved reading your thoughts on E. Goudge and Scent of Water. The Chihuly photos were wonderful, too. Your yard is incredible; wish I lived closer. I'd be a yard stalker. ;)


Knitting Mania said...

Looking simply beautiful in your backyard!!!

podso said...

It all is beautiful and looks so thoughtfully cared for, but that Sharifa is breathtaking!

Just a little something from Judy said...

A rose lover from way back, I am left without words when I looked at your gardens. Just beautiful in every single picture. Your gardening skills combined with your photography skills, are most impressive. Saving the "Sharifa Asmara" until the end was the perfect grand finale.

Barbara said...

Feel like I was there, so vibrant. Looks very comfortable under your porch.

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