Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The last bouquet of roses I picked from my previous garden

When the roses start to bloom and the scent of heaven is in the air, it waifs into the very rooms of my soul. My head floats into the realm of scented bliss.
It seems I get very sappy and poetic over roses.

I have been dreaming about what new roses to plant this year. I get really antsy for my garden just about now. So the next best thing to being “In My Garden” is dreaming about what I am going to plant in my garden. I must admit, it has gotten off to a fairly good start, this brand new little piece of earth. This year I should be picking oodles of roses.

So while I keep dreaming and contemplating about what new roses to plant, here is a quick peak at some of the roses I have already planted. I believe I have about 50 roses in the ground here. I only have room for a few more...sad. My last garden had over a 100. So I have definitely downsized, don't ya think?

The roses I have found quick pic's for here are 90% English Roses, which are a glorious mix of old garden roses for style and scent, and modern roses, which bloom longer and more frequently.

I will write a real post soon...I promise :]

Abraham Darby
St. Swithun
Zepherine Drouhin

I planted two of these climbers in honor of my granddaughter's birth.
The rose is called EDEN

Lavender Lassie
Sharifa Asma
Mary Rose
A Shropshire Lad
Constance Spry
Climbing Cecile Brunner


Jen(n) said...

my favorite of these is "Shropshire Lad." They are beautiful.

Kim S in SC said...

What great patience and tenacity it takes to grow roses! Can't wait to hear more about "how does your garden grow(s)" The picture of the roses in your vase is beautiful!

Hannah said...

I agree with Jenn :)

One of these days my friend, I'll be calling you for gardening tips...

Alice said...

I followed you here from Katherine's blog because I'm always happy to meet fellow tea lovers. I've so much enjoyed my time here, meeting your beautiful family and especially the new granddaughter.

And I could almost smell your gorgeous roses. I have three rose bushes on my tiny lot and I always feel bad that I am not giving them all the care they need in order to shine as the Lord meant them to. I'm afraid I have a rather black thumb where they are concerned.

Nadine said...

Beautiful. You have the touch.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! So nice to meet a fellow tea-lover! Your blog is beautiful, especially decorated with your precious grandbaby!


Anonymous said...

well, I think our front yard will have snow in it till Spring, as the sun never clears the house in the winter. Consequently, it just stays and stays. The house is almost done, and I too have been thinking about how many roses I can plant...I will need to get your input on the most fragrant and prolific ones to start with! (and a couple of lilacs too) And I sure hope they do well in Yakima. We still have to get rid of probably at least half a ton (no kidding) (well, maybe a little) of rocks in the back, and have topsoil hauled in, then I can plant. This waiting for a thaw is maddening!!

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