Saturday, January 5, 2008

Now comes the big wait...

Amaryrillis bulbs

Today I finally relented to getting the Christmas decorations down and put away. I hold my dear hubby off as long as possible, because I know that for at least the next month, things will be kind of bleak around here as far as the visual scene is concerned. Putting away the Christmas decorations seems to leave such a big emptiness. I do cheat a little and leave up some technically non -Christmas items that I determine are winter wonderlandish. My pale green snowman, some of the twinkle lights I have draped around. A few white and beaded garlands, and even some burgundy candle wreaths and such. But my biggest hope of visual happiness will come when something starts to grow again. Outside, even though we have a fairly mild winter, it will still be a couple of months for any hope there. We plant our peas on Presidents Day, Feb.18th. But I can and do start growing anything and everything I can think of on the inside now. I have already started 3 Amaryrillis bulbs, two white and one pink. I picked up a nice little starter set for those garden seedlings that will just fit in my tiny laundry room. Time to sort through last years seeds, and check out those seed catalogs I have been chucking in a basket to read, for such a time as this. I think a few more plants might help too, especially if they have flowers… Well bye for now I am off to the store to see if I can round up some green stuff, yeah!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Seed catalog time for a gardener...glorious!

Glad that you're "cheating" with the decorations; I plan to as well.

(Yes, I'm definitely tired. Everyone is writing such wonderful pieces of wisdom and light and I'm writing about eyebrows and lips. *shaking head and wandering off*)

elenka said...

Start planting in Feb!!! We plant on May 31st, after the last frost.....(sigh}

A Woman Who is: said...

We start our peas in Feb.They like the cold weather and won't grow later in our hot summer climate.
Frost sensitive plants are put out around May 10th after our last known frost date. I cheat sometimes if I think the weather is stable and try some tomatoes and such in the begining of May.

Sandy said...

Thank you for visiting me today. I am looking so forward to spring, and winter is far from over!
Blessings! Sandy

Nadine said...

Okay, I still haven't taken them down, because I've been so busy, but I don't have them on.

You have one of the most beautiful do have the touch.

Christine said...

What kind of plant is that, if you don't mind me asking?

A Woman Who is: said...

The plants are Amaryllis bulbs that will flower in about a month.
Check this website out to see a plant in bloom:

Sandy said...

I love it that you love roses, but what I really love is looking at that darling baby on the sidebar! She is beautiful!!! (Like the pix w/the pedals!)
Sandy :)

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