Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Garden

Burrrrr it is cold out there. It was 17 degrees outside today, but I couldn't resist a few quick pictures as the sun was setting and lighting up our barren bleak desert.
Rather lovely in it's own way though.

Front courtyard with a wisp of snow


Claire said...

Hi dear!
Sory my invasion! I found your blog on 'google' and saw your pics ... nice pics! Congratulations for you pretty family ... your granddaughter is very beautiful and cute! *.*
I saw pics of a handsome guy ... I think he is your son. On Christmas photos he was wearing a t-shirt write 'BETA'. Is he your son? I liked him very much. Congratulations again, he is perfect, hehehe!
Your blog is very nice!
Happiness for you and your family. Health for Eden!
Best whises,
Claire - Brazil - 25/01/2008

Claire said...

* Sorry
* your pretty family

A Woman Who is: said...

The guy with Beta on his shirt is my already taken Son in Law! LOL. But the other guy next to him is my son, the one with all the cheesy grins.

Knitting Mania said...

Wow...Brazil...hmmmm Did you tell your son-in-law she was checking him out..LOL

It's looking a bit chilly in your garden...


Nicholas said...

I think Tyler's kinda hott too! :-) haha!

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