Monday, April 21, 2008

Apple Skivers (Aebelskiver) & another full weekend!

…So I am weathering the weekend in bed through a bad cold I picked up from "Puddin Toes" last week. Saturday morning I woke up feeling somewhat better than the day before. As I began to arise I smell the scent of strong coffee in the air. Hmmm my hubby has made coffee. So I throw on my robe and tread out to the kitchen and son, my first born, is up making not only coffee, but this amazing traditional breakfast we have only once a year, the day after Christmas, cooked by our dearest Uncle Pat, who shares this with our family, as a tradition from his Scandinavian heritage. My kids always look forward to Uncle Pat's "Apple Skivers” So on this lovely morning hubby has made a trip to the store for special thick cut bacon, Megan and the baby are invited and on their way over, and as I said previously first born son is cooking the whole meal!

Apple Skivers are a yummy little pancake, made in this special cast iron pan.

Well what a special treat this all was. It wasn’t even my birthday or Mother’s day. First born son also offered to baby sit Puddin Toes for younger sister. It was the beginning of another very full but great weekend. Sunday afternoon we had lunch with another family from church. First born son takes all FIVE of their children on a great hike through our sagebrush/wetlands all the way to the park. As mom and I peer out the window, away in the distance, we cracked up as we see my son with the youngest on his shoulders (way to little for the loooong hike) and a trail of children following along. Such a Pied Piper!
He only will be with us for one more week. It has been a wonderful transition for us to have him stay for a few weeks after Jenna has left. Oh how will my poor heart take all this in the weeks to come…?
One more thing I have been meaning to blog about. I have read some interesting novels these last two weeks that have really got me thinking, and I have wanted to do some book reviews on them. Have you all heard about The Shack? My sister first gave me the recommendation! So my husband ordered the book and sort of companion novel that was recommended by Amazon by the same independent publisher. Tonight I read a very good book review of The Shack on a friend’s blog “Write on the Edge.” So for now go check out her review, and if any of you have already read this book I would love to hear your feedback. It is a novel, but throws out some very interesting ideas to ponder about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!


Madison Richards said...

Thanks for the link! There is so much to think about in "The Shack" that I think I could pull snippets like the one on freedom out every day and ponder them!

My heart was so touched by the breakfast your son made for all of you, and the picture of him with Puddin' Toes is one I'm sure you'll cherish forever. His heart is so beautiful. He's going to be a great dad some day!

Great pics of Jennadear... miss her SO much!

Hope you feel better soon!

Nadine said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon - you were missed yesterday.

I love that your son made breakfast - what a good guy and to watch his niece and then all those kids on a hike.

Tom and I are reading The Shack to each other and are enjoying it very much. There is so much richness in there.

Barbara said...

No that looks an interesting breakfast. Hope you felt well enough to enjoy it. Sorry to read of the your cold. Get well soon.

Will be thinking of you this week as your dear son departs.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

So enjoyed this post. It must be fun to get an advance look at what kind of a dad your son will be one day.

Yay for wonderful breakfasts made by someone else, too! ;>

Hope that both you and Puddin' Toes are over that nasty old cold.

Off to follow your link...

Tom Zawacki said...

Hey There...

Hope you're feeling better today,your son is very cool and The Shack is indeed amazing!


Strider said...

I checked out Jena's blog. It sounds like she is staying busy. I told her we were at your house on yesterday (since you didn't mention it on your blog)....just kidding. Looking forward to checking out your friends review.

Knitting Mania said...

Yay Joshy and his Aebelskivers...Uncle Patty is so proud, heck we are both proud of that boy!!! And they look perfect, too, need to make the Larip with it next time though. Wink!

Awww look at him with Eden, she's getting so big....I miss her so much! I just cracked up when you shared about him taking all those kids on a hike, oh Cindy, and who does he remind us of??? Dad! :)

Okay so I'm off to read that other book review of the Shack, rats, we didn't talk about that this morning on the phone, I've been wondering what you thought of it. I'm getting together with some girlfriends Thursday nite to discuss the book, they all have questions....

Love you...bye sis!

The Texican said...

A visit from the Texican aka "Pappy". Beautiful family, and wonderful comfy feeling to your blog. Thanks for coming by, I enjoy the company. Please extend an invitation to Strider and others who might want to read some balderdash.

DeeDee said...

What a beautiful visit with you this morning...those colds from the little ones happen now and then...we love on them anyway :)I love that little pan for the skivers...and thank you for the book tip..I will poke around at B&N soon and take a look...Have a beautiful day...Dee Dee Oh yes..thank you for your little visit today...very sweet..

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Those apple skivers look absolutely scrumptious! I want one!

I always enjoy it when I pop over to your blog, its like sitting down at a kitchen table and having a cup of coffee, catching up, and enjoying learning about what is going on. And Puddin toes is so adorable. A mother's heart is happiest when family is around.

Lavinia Ladyslipper

Strider said...

Tell my good friend and your hubby that Easter has been over for a month or so, and I'm anxious for some new "extreme" post of some kind. I stopped by Pappy's. Enjoyed it. I'll be checking that one out often. Blessings.

Sara said...

Yummy! We have a dear friend who makes these for us once in a while. What a wonderful son you have!

I hope your cold is quickly improving.

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