Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Turning Bright in the Sea

Hi Everyone

Here is a link to Jenna's new blog "Turning Bright in the Sea." She will use this to keep everyone up to date with her on goings at the YWAM base in Perth. You will be able to leave a comment and or email her from her blog.
Last night we had a little "goodbye/19 th birthday party. It was very nice to have some long time family friend’s drop by, some of Jenna's buddies, and all of us here, to say Happy Birthday and Goodbye. She leaves on Wed and will arrive in Australia on Friday. She will be traveling for 28 hours to get to her destination in Perth. Jenna will have an 8 hour lay over in Hong Kong. Dan was able to find a place she could go to in the airport. Kind of like a Crown Room. They will meet her at the gate, take her to this place. She will be able to shower, take a nap, an even have a massage. They will wake her up and take her back to her departing gate, a nice safe quiet place for her to rest, all for just $30.00. My husband takes good care of his girls! I feel so much better knowing she won't have to wonder around a foreign airport for 8 hrs. by herself. She is very excited to say the least. She has been spending this last week getting ready and saying goodbye to a gigillion friends. Packing today was hysterical. I tried to warn her that trying to take the universe wasn't going to work :]

We have been overwhelmed and blessed by all the support Jenna has received from so many friends and family. You all have made this possible for Jenna to complete the first half of the 3 month teaching and training program. I just want to thank you for believing in all that God has called Jenna to pursue in Him. You know who you are! Thank you all so very much!
(note about birthday cake: I made her an icecream cake, that melted or didn't freeze up all the way? We had to take it out, sing really quick, and slop the melted cake on to everyone's plate. Pretty funny to look at, but they all said it tasted delicious. LOL )

Jenna being prayed for Sunday morning by friends and our Pastor: He said we were sending her off as an exporter of freedom. She is one of the first of our young people to take flight. We have another young gal going to the Switzerland YWAM in June.


Jenna said...

good now we have my bra's on the world wide WEB!! hahaha

and the ice cream cake was very very good!!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Thank you for providing the link...

How wonderful that she'll be able to rest in Hong Kong. Her dad is a thoughtful one!

Will be thinking of and praying for you all as she strikes off. God is good. He's in control. All's well and as it should be.

Barbara said...

Blessings to Jenna, her God has gone before her and paved the way.
I am glad you explained about the cake.
I was surprised to see that she will be flying east. I would have imagined that from where you live she wuld fly west.Learning all the time.

Sandy said...

I'm sure the cake tasted delicious! LOL!
I have 3 sets of glasses. My wedding set, set I bought at a garage sale for $5, and my glasses from the Dollar Store (used in the photos of the current post). Maybe I should do a post on my glasses and dishes - LOL.
Thanks always for visiting me!

Strider said...

We'll be keeping her in prayer. I wish I could have been there to help see her off.

Nadine said...

Jenna's comment made me laugh. I stand with you as she travels and is away. Know that you are all loved.

Dad is a stud for taking such good care of her little girl.

Knitting Mania said...

I have to say..I did notice her personals in that photo...lol...it cracked me up. ;)

Well our sweet little girl is off and away...grown up... and off to an adventure of a life time. So thrilled for her...but how are you doing my sweet sis?? I'm down south for a few days (Ventura & Ojai). I'll give you a ring tomorrow. I'm praying for all of you during this transition time.

Luv you :)

Tom Zawacki said...

I can hardly wait to hear all the stories when she gets back home!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

How's it going? I've been thinking of you and your empty nest.

And! I have an award for you with no strings attached!

LL said...

Wish I could have been there at the airport but I think there were enough waterworks going on!

Love you all. We stand together in prayer for her.

Hannah said...

Hahaha. Jenna's comment totally confirmed my question. I was like "Are those...?" :)

A Woman Who is: said...

For pete's sake people, you see more on a TV commercial...;>]

A Woman Who is: said...

I have removed the questionable picture you all are so worried about! Yeeesh!

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